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2020 Bookish Goals

1 // Finish the Miss Marple series by Agatha Christie and start on Hercule Poirot

I have been slowly (and I mean V slowly) working my way through the marvellous Miss Marple series by everyone’s favourite crime Queen, Agatha Christie. I ADORE Jane Marple, Christie’s mysteries are always tightly plotted and full of twists I never see coming and I really enjoy the mid-century setting of the books. In 2020, I want to finish with Jane, and move on to Hercule. This is a definitely doable goal–I recently devoured AT BERTRAM’S HOTEL whilst actually in a hotel, and I only have a couple of books left to read.


I also, in a slightly less concrete goal, want to branch out and read more classic crime fiction. I’ve really enjoyed exploring Christie’s back catalogue, and I definitely want to read more of the classics!

2 // Blog MORE

I know, I know–I’ve been VERY inconsistent with blogging in the last few months. Partly this was due to a lot of BIG life changes and my preoccupation with finishing a draft of my PhD. But this year, I want to refocus on blogging–I want to blog more, and more imaginatively. I want to shine light on new books, on books that don’t get shouted about enough, and old forgotten books. That’s the plan anyway. I *do* have to finish my PhD and enter proper, adult, employment in 2020, but I will endeavour to focus on blogging.

3// Read more (a) poetry and (b) feminist classics


Having stumbled across the brilliant Dickinson recently, I want to read more poetry this year. Especially poetry by women. I also want to read more feminist literature–my boyfriend got me the brilliant Feminists Don’t Wear Pink when we were away, and that’s basically given me a reading list to check out. I specifically want to focus on reading books by women of colour this year.


4 // Finish the redraft of my WIP

I FEEL AS IF I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON MY LATEST WIP FOR AN AGE. That’s definitely not an exaggeration. I’ve worked and re-worked it, and I am SO close to submitting my latest (hopefully improved) draft to my agent. In fact, I am hoping to do this in January. Keep your fingers crossed for me, blog readers!

5 // Reorganise my bookshelves

I have just moved (like as in I moved in exactly five days ago) and my bookshelves are overflowing and…a mess. There’s approximately zero organisation, some books I want to read ASAP are hidden away behind others, and there are series far far away from each other. I think I need a good day to stick on a good podcast and sit down and figure it all out! (Also I think I perhaps need a fourth bookshelf!!)

One of the bookshelves and Petunia the Aloe Vera.


What are your 2020 bookish goals?


2 thoughts on “2020 Bookish Goals

  1. I set my Goodreads goal at 70 and so far have finished reading 2 books, so I’m on track. I write picture books, so I read a lot of them and I think my Goodreads number from last included some of them.
    My writing goals involve more drafting and revising, but most important 2020 goal is querying so that I’ll have a second book out in the world.

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