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Review: The International Yeti Collective by Paul Mason

This was the PERFECT read to get me out of my post-election huff–it’s a charmingly written book with fantastic mythology that also speaks movingly about environmental issues.

47804168._SX318_An epic adventure with big feet and an even bigger heart!

Ella is in the Himalayas with her uncle searching for yeti. But what seems like the adventure of a lifetime is cut short when she realizes that these secretive creatures might not want to be found.

Tick knows it’s against yeti law to approach humans. So when some arrive on the mountain, why does he find himself peering through the trees to get a closer look?

What Tick doesn’t know is that his actions will set off a series of events that threaten the existence of yeti all over the world. What can he do to make things right? Just when all hope seems lost, help comes in the most unexpected form…

My thoughts:

  • The first thing I adored about this story is that it was written from two perspectives–our human heroine, Ella, and a yeti, Tick. This INSTANTLY gave the troupe of the mythological creature a fresh twist–usually this type of story is told solely from human’s perspective, and it was a really interesting take to see a yeti’s reaction to mankind!
  • Following on from that point, Paul Mason created such a rich mythological basis for yetis–their traditions and culture bounced off the page! I enjoyed the little tidbits we found out about each yeti from their name alone, and the subtle differences between the differing yeti groups. Tick’s narration felt distinctly different from Ella’s, and this really helped ground the story.
  • Ella was a great protagonist–she was smart and brave and her love for nature and the environment was clear to see! It was so lovely to read a main character that’s engaged with such an important issue of our times. I liked her approach to deciding whether or not yeti’s existed–it almost felt scientific–which fit in with her character perfectly.
  • The plot itself was definitely gentle. The story rolled along at a nice pace, but I never felt as if either Tick or Ella were in danger of achieving their goals. This had the effect of the book sometimes feeling a tad slow, but I have to say I enjoyed this! The International Yeti Collective felt a bit like a hot cup of tea on a winter’s day–soothing for the soul.
  • A super quick shout out to Katy Riddell, who did the beautiful illustrations for this book. Not only is her art gorgeous, but the illustrations scattered through the book really add something special to the story.
  • This book reads like a future classic. Its themes are timely and important, but it’s message of friendship across borders and kindness and empathy are universal. Knowing just how engaged the kids I know are with issues of climate change and sustainable living, this book is an absolute corker! I will definitely be lending my copy out!


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