A Day Out in Cambridge


Hello lovelies, today I have a bit of a different blog post coz at the moment I am in a gigantic reading slump. A few days before my birthday, I visited the nearby city of Cambridge with my family. Cambridge is a beautiful and world-renowned city of learning, and as I’m lucky enough to live quite nearby, I’ve visited a lot. But rather than mooch about in the shops and grab coffee (which is also amazing), this time we planned our trip a little more thoroughly.

Cambridge Botanic Garden

We started off the day at the Botanic Garden, a place I had never been to before. We hit the weather jackpot, it was a sunny, warm spring day, and the Garden was beautiful. It is an oasis of nature within a bustling, bicycle-packed city. The Garden is full of flowers, plants, trees, bees, butterflies and fascinating placards of information about botany.


Not only was it gorgeous, but it was an incredibly calming experience. I’ve been under quite a deal of stress lately, and visiting the Garden was just a perfect remedy to that feeling. Spending a couple of hours strolling under the sun, laughing and chatting with my family, was just blissful.


It was, to put it simply, a much-needed trip out. I’m not (embarrassingly) very knowledgable about nature, or plants, and that’s definitely something I want to change. I was overawed by the majesty of the beauty, and the need to protect it.


I also managed to pick up a lavender plant in the gift shop. I’m a bit in love with lavender–it’s great for helping me sleep and calming my anxiety–so I thought owning a lavender would be a great way to start developing my green fingers.




After leaving the Garden, we popped to Fitzbillies for lunch. Fitzbillies (isn’t that name so cool!) is a famous Cambridge bakery that has been operating for almost 100 years. Because I’m me, I wanted to go there because one of my favourite fictional detective duos (Hazel & Daisy from the MURDER MOST UNLADYLIKE series) once worked on a case in there! I had a lovely cream-tea for lunch, and obviously snapped a photo of the first MURDER MOST UNLADYLIKE book whilst I was there

FINALLY, we hit up the shop my family always go to when we visit Cambridge: Good Ole’ Waterstones. Obviously I picked up a couple of books and browsed the fascinating four floors of tomes. On our way back to the car, we grabbed a delicious ice-cream.


SO, I had a fabulous pre-birthday trip to Cambridge. I thoroughly recommend visiting the Botanic Gardens if you’re ever in town, and definitely stop by the shops in town if you get the chance. It was the perfect PhD break, and it’s definitely inspired me to get my bum in gear and try and plan more day trips this summer. Right, I’m off to stick my nose in one of my new books.!

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