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The Best Three Sequels of 2018

If there’s anything I love more than a good book, it’s a good book with a sequel. And this year I have read some spectacular sequels. Here are my top three:

A Witch Alone by James Nicol

Arianwyn Gribble is back! IMG_1261

During an eventful holiday in Kingsport, Arianwyn is recruited for an important mission: to retrieve the Book of Quiet Glyphs from its hiding place in the Great Wood.

But as she returns home to Lull, feyling refugees gather outside the town walls and hex plagues the forest. As tensions lead to fall-outs with her friends, town squabbles and magical mishaps, Arianwyn faces a sobering truth: she alone can find the Book, and wield its secrets …

I was blown away by this follow up to one of my favourite books of last year, THE APPRENTICE WITCH. This book reads like/should be/will be a children’s classic, and I spent most of my time reading smiling. A WITCH ALONE is a hug-from-your-mum kind of book, one that cheers you up when you’re down and puts a pep in your step. I’m HIGHLY anticipating (and also slightly dreading, coz I don’t want this series to be over), the final book in this trilogy; A WITCH COME TRUE, which comes out in March 2019

Peril in Paris (Taylor&Rose: Secret Agents #1) by Katherine Woodfine


It’s 1911, and the young detectives of TAYLOR & ROSE are turning their talents to ESPIONAGE.

On a case for the mysterious SECRET SERVICE BUREAU, the daring MISS SOPHIE TAYLOR and MISS LILIAN ROSE must leave London for the boulevards and grand hotels of Paris.

But DANGER lurks beneath the bright lights of the city – and INTRIGUE and MURDER lie in store. As aeroplanes soar in the skies overhead, our heroines will need to put all their spy skills to the test to face the PERIL that awaits them…

This is less a sequel and more a spin-off of the original series which featured our intrepid round heroines, Lil and Sophie. THE SINCLAIR MYSTERIES (which I highly recommend if you haven’t read it) is set in a London department store in Edwardian London, but PERIL IN PARIS, has, (clue in the title) a more international bent. As much as I adored Katherine’s first series, I really think Lil and Sophie have graduated to adventures on a bigger scale. This was whip-smart and twisty-turny, like all good mysteries, and I really enjoyed the shift in focus to episonage. Despite all this ‘newness’, this retains the charm and adventure of the original series, and I am SO excited to see what Lil and Sophie get up to in their next adventure, SPIES IN ST PETERSBURG, which will be released in May 2019.

Beyond the Odyssey (Who Let the Gods Out? #3) by Maz Evans

Elliot’s life is spiralling out of control. He’s been suspended from school, his ex-convict IMG_1260dad is useless around the house and his mum’s health is worsening. What’s more, the gods are determined to forge on with the quest for the third chaos stone. An unlikely, hilarious and heart-warming odyssey begins. But Elliot has heard of a mythical potion rumoured to cure all ills – can he save his mum, even if it means sacrificing the fate of the world?

Maz Evans is the QUEEN of funny. Her books make me snort laugh like no other, and I adore her twist on greek mythology–it feels fresh and new. I also really enjoy the complex and challenging emotional crux of Elliot’s story–his mum’s deteriorating health. This book, the third in the WHO LET THE GODS OUT? series, heightens both the fun and adventure, and the heartbreak that reader’s will feel for Elliot. It’s a book that made me weep on one page, and giggle on the next, and I sped through it like nobody’s business. I am SO excited for the finale (!!!) of the series, AGAINST ALL GODS, which comes out in February 2019.

So that’s it, my last blog post of 2018. I hope you’ve all had a fabulous festive period (if you celebrate) and a great start to 2019. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!

One thought on “The Best Three Sequels of 2018

  1. A Witch Alone is superb and I completely agree with you and I dying to get my hands on a Witch Come True.

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