The Currently Reading Book Tag

The Currently Readin g Book Tag

Hello again. I’ve been gone for a good couple of weeks again. I’m sorry–I really am trying to be a more consistent blogger. Unfortunately, I’ve been really ill. Like went-to-hospital-twice ill. Yup. It sucked. I’m currently on a week of bedrest, and trying not to work (I’m a bit of a workaholic), so instead I’m having fun catching up with blogging again. I hope you enjoy this tag, which I saw on the fabulous Amy’s blog. It was so much fun answering all these questions.

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1 // How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

My October TBR. (I read three of these at once).

I read quite a lot of books at once. I’m generally reading at least one for my PhD, and then maybe two ‘fun’ books–although they’re typically not in the same genre! So, three-ish.


2 // If You’re Reading More Than One Book At A Time, How Do You Decide When To Switch To Reading The Other Book?

For PhD reading, if I read 100 pages of my work book, I reward myself with 100 pages of a fun book. But, mainly, I’m a mood reader–if I’m not feeling a story, I’ll swap.


3 // Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks Whilst You’re Part Way Through A Book?

OKAY, I have a confession. Even though I have loads of bookmarks, I generally don’t use them. I am one of those readers who dog-ears a page to mark a spot, or I shove in any old bit of paper. So as I don’t use bookmarks, I never switch them either.


4 // Where Do You Keep The Book You’re Currently Reading?

At night, by my bed. If I’m going out, in my handbag.


5 // What Time Of Day Do You Spend The Most Time Reading?



I probably spent most of my time reading in waiting rooms, or on trains. They’re the times that I have nothing to do BUT read!


6 // How Long Do You Typically Read For In One Go?

As long as I possibly can! But seriously, I’m a reading marathon-er–I can go for hours.


7 // Do You Read Hardbacks With The Dust Jacket On Or Off?

Case in point: I lost the dust jacket off THE TRAIN TO IMPOSSIBLE PLACES for half a day after this photo.

On, coz I’m definitely the type of person that would lose that dust jacket if I took it off for one second.


8 // Which Position Do You Mainly Use To Read?

Propped up against a pillow.


9 // Do You Take The Book You’re Currently Reading With You Everywhere You Go?

parks and recreation mic drop GIF

Hell yes. I also take a spare or two, just in case I finish the first one.


10 // How Often Do You Update Your Progress In The Book You’re Currently Reading On GoodReads?

I AM THE WORST AT THIS. Most of the time, I finish a book then realise I haven’t even added it to my currently reading shelf.

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Are our reading habits similar/different? What are you currently reading?

4 thoughts on “The Currently Reading Book Tag

  1. I always have an audiobook and a real book going at the same time. Sometimes I also have a kindle book going so my choice of what to read is based on where I am. I try to remember to log on Goodreads but I also keep a list on my computer which I started in January of 2017. It’s fun to look back.

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