Review: Lacuna Candle Co

Before I get into this review, I think I should make something abundantly clear. Becca (co-owner of the Lacuna Candle Co) is one of my lovely friends. However, I brought these candles with my own money and as always, all my opinions are my own. IN FACT, at the moment of typing Becca doesn’t even know I’m writing this review (so SURPRISE!).



The Lacuna Candle Co is a brand new Etsy shop that makes custom made, handcrafted soy candles in the UK. They have a huge range of scents, with a strong ‘bookish’ theme throughout! Here’s what they say about themselves:

Welcome to Lacuna Candle Co. Pronounced la-queue-nah, meaning a blank space or missing part, we are hoping that our lovely Soy Candles will fill an empty space in your life and replace it with idyllic scents and bursting with magic and glitter. Our logo features a Mandala, emphasizing our dream for our small business. We strive to make each one of our lovely customers happy with current and modern designs, intoxicating scents and brilliant customer service. Our scents are changed seasonally and limited edition scents and sizes are brought into the store on a regular occasion.


My order arrived REALLY quickly, in this beautifully decorated and sturdy package. I utterly loved the touch of having the logo on the package, mainly coz it made me SERIOUSLY excited to unwrap it. Inside were the two candles I’d ordered:


They were BOOK BLOGGER & SNOWY OWL. These were the obvious choices for me, coz I (A) blog about books and (B) LOVE Harry Potter and Hedwig in particular. Both candles were well made, in high quality candle holders with a really cute lid! I also loved the stickers on each candle — they were gorgeous and provided a lovely insight into the candle scent! The candles are available in a variety of sizes (both BOOK BLOGGER and SNOWY OWL come in 1oz 4oz or 7oz). I went for the 1oz size this time around, just to see if I liked the scents.



Introducing BOOK BLOGGER: a soy candle made just for Book Bloggers & those who love them. Let the scent of coffee transport you to small towns, reading in the corners of a bustling scenic atmosphere (and don’t forget the yummy Blueberry Muffin treat!).

I jumped at the chance of getting this one, as I’ve never seen a candle just for book bloggers before. I adored the scent descriptors: Iced Coffee, Book Pages & Blueberry Muffin. BOOK BLOGGER is a lovely light pink shade, with silver glitter sweeping over the top.


The scent is sweet, but not overpowering. In my completely non-professional opinion it kind of smells like spring. It burns beautifully, and the scent fills the room. Since I received this candle, every time I write a blog post (like I’m doing right now), I light it and feel realllll contented.


Also, considering I went for the smallest size I was amazed by how long both of these candles have burned for. I’ve lit them on MULTIPLE occasions, and I still have a lot of candle left. BASICALLY, you get a lot of candle for your buck.



Introducing SNOWY OWL: soar high with school pride with our delicate and ethereal scent inspired by our favourite fictional Owl.

This candle is inspired by one of the most well-known and beloved book series in the world: Harry Potter. With its descriptors of Snow Kissed Rose, Amber, and Magic, SNOWY OWL is a homage to the best fictional owl of all time (don’t @ me).


Again, like with BOOK BLOGGER it burns beautifully. The candle itself is a lovely creamy colour with gold sparkles coating the top. I think the scent of SNOWY OWL is my favourite. It’s fresh, and citrus-y. I will definitely be repurchasing it ASAP.


SO, in conclusion, my experience with both of these candles are overwhelmingly positive. I think they are beautifully made, with a wonderful scent, and are wonderfully unique in terms of the candles themes. I also think that they are affordable, quickly shipped and would make great presents. I was so impressed with Lacuna Candle Co and I will definitely purchase from them in the future.

To find out more about Lacuna Candle Co, their Etsy shop is here.

What is your favourite candle scent?

2 thoughts on “Review: Lacuna Candle Co

  1. LAURA! Thank you so, so much for this lovely (and honest!) review!! We are SO HAPPY you love them!! ❤ ❤

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