Words I live by

I love words. Obviously, you may say. After all, I’m a writer. But words are so much more than…words. They have a magic kind of power. Some people pick words for a year ahead–a word that they will strive to live by. I love that idea. Unfortunately, I couldn’t choose one. After all, words are a kind of manifesto.

The official definition of manifesto is “a public declaration of policy and aims”. But I like to think of my manifesto as not only the way I present myself to the world, but a statement of who I am as a person—what I stand for, what I believe in.

Kindness. This word is so important to me, because being kind is such a fundamental building block of our world. This word, for me, includes kindness towards friends, family, strangers, people you don’t like, and most importantly, yourself. Never underestimate how big a difference a smile makes, or a cup of tea after a hard day, or a door held open.


Hope. This is my favourite word, maybe ever. (And not just because Albus Dumbledore invokes it so much). I think it’s my fav because everyone, no matter what, hopes for something—it seems so universal. As I writer, I cling to hope. Hope that I will reach my word count goal, hope that my lovely CP’s and agent will like my novel, hope that my first draft doesn’t suck as much as I think it does.

Courage. This is a funny one, because normally I’m the biggest coward EVER. I don’t do rollercoasters, or scary movies or anything remotely terrifying. But a few years ago, I badly dislocated my knee and was diagnosed with Hypermobility. It took me a year till I could walk again. Since then, every time I face something scary I think, “I learnt to walk again, I can DO this.”

26055616_10156084965274697_1933406414247070844_n (1)

Resilience. By this I mean Not Giving Up, at any cost. I always think of resilience as a tug in the pit of your stomach, a rebellion that sparks when someone or something says “YOU’RE GONNA FAIL,” and you instinctively think, “no.” Resilience is the ability to pick yourself up and dust yourself off after a rejection that felt like a kick in the teeth. It’s the drive that keeps you going. It’s the belief in yourself, in your ability, no matter what comes your way.

Self-love. I’m generally a big ball of anxiety. I stress about EVERYTHING, big or small or somewhere in-between. I really have to focus on being calm, on meditation, on taking care of myself. This is something I really have to make a priority. Self-love, whatever that means to you, be it a bubble bath, or a coffee date or a duvet day, is so SO important.


So these are the five words I think are key in my life. They each say something about me, something I *hope* comes across if you read my blog, or if we chat on twitter, or if we’re friends IRL. They’re words I aspire to on a daily basis, and hopefully I’m a better person because of them.

What words do you live by?

One thought on “Words I live by

  1. Wonderful!
    Kindness is a big one for me. I’m especially committed to small acts of kindness that don’t cost me anything and add value to someone else’s day. I’m amazed that this isn’t more widely done.
    Maybe not enough self love makes people unwilling to be kind to others.

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