Book Merch Recommendations

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for book merch. I LOVE a good literary t-shirt, or brooch or bookmark. Anything that celebrates bookish-ness is a plus in my book, and I also love the fact that I can show my reader pride out and about. Here are a few of my favourite pieces

1 // Lindybop Bletchley Book Print Turquoise Shirt Swing Dress


Lindybop is one of my favourite places to shop. Their dresses are always fun, flattering and great quality. So when I spotted this book print dress last year, I couldn’t click ‘BUY NOW’ fast enough. This is so on brand for me, it’s not even funny. The Bletchley Book Print Dress is comfy, cute, and perfect for bookish and non-bookish events alike. I wore this to YALC last year and loved every moment.

2 // MUGS. (From Dreamscape Ink on Etsy)

I’m a sucker for a good mug, considering that I drink approximately 100 cups of tea per day. And bookish mugs are THE BEST. I treated myself to a couple from the wonderful Dreamscape Ink and I was not disappointed. I went with one more general bookish mug, and a tribute to the best HP character ever, Luna Lovegood.

giphy (20)


I brought this two ages ago, they’ve been well used, and they still look beautiful. I really recommend this fab Etsy shop if you’re looking for well-made, unique bookish mugs.


3 // Votes for Women Literary Emporium T-Shirt

Literary Emporium is a treasure trove of bookish goodness. I particularly love their feminist section, and I am *LUSTING* after the enamel pins currently. But due to the fact that I am a fully fledged suffrage geek, I just had to get this gorgeous Votes For Women T-Shirt. It’s beautiful, well made and so comfy.

What’s your book merchandise recommendations?

3 thoughts on “Book Merch Recommendations

  1. First off – I’m obsessed with your sidebar picture. I WISH my cat would pose with me for photos!!!

    Secondly, I also am a fan of book merch – especially bookmarks and enamel pins!

    Great post!! 🤗

    1. When I took that photo I was like ‘JACKPOTTTTT!’ I think that’s the one time he’s ever posed like that haha! Thank you so much — I love a good enamel pin as well, they make every outfit a little sparklier!

  2. My latest favorite bookish purchases are my “Take me to your reader” t-shirt, purchased through It’s both nerdy and bookish. A book getting lifted up into a space ship?! Perfect.
    Also my new ‘Lattes with Lewis’ tote from the shop called Tea with Tolkein on Etsy, for the Hobbit-hearted. 😀

    One day I WILL have a book printed dress. I have to.

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