“I wish I had time to read” + other things that annoy me

Somebody said this to me the other day. It was along the lines of “oh you’re so lucky, I am far too busy to do something as time consuming as reading”. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, coz I don’t have copious amounts of time to read–I make time to read. I read on the train, in doctors’ waiting rooms, in the bath, I listen to audiobooks in my car. In the evening, I generally choose a few chapters of my current read over the latest Netflix phenomenon. Reading is my thing–it’s my favourite hobby.


That got me thinking about other things that annoy me (I promise you, I’m not a complain-y person, although of course, this blogpost might make you think otherwise). But there are certain things that wind me up a little. Here’s a small list:

  1. “You read middle grade/YA, why? Aren’t they really…simplistic?”
  2. “But why do you have bookshelves, why don’t you just get a kindle?”
  3. “Libraries are useless. I never ever use them.”
  4. “Oh, you like fantasy? You must have read [INSERT POPULAR FANTASY AUTHOR HERE].” *I shake my head* “Oh, so you’re not a proper fantasy reader then.”
*silently judging you*

Middle Grade is the age-category of my heart, which probably sounds like a really weird thing to say. MG is *generally* full of such hope and love, and it hits a special place in my heart. That’s why I read, and write it. Middle Grade, and Young Adult books can be just as complex and challenging and hard hitting as adult books–they just approach it from a different angle.

I have a kindle. I LOVE my kindle. But I also love my bookshelves. Plus, some covers are just too darn beautiful to be confined to e-book format.

*DEEP BREATH* Libraries are the best, and even if you don’t use them personally, their worth is incomparable. They often service the most vulnerable in the community, and not only provide those people with access to books and magazines, but many have computers, and as such are INVALUABLE. I have used libraries my entire life. They were my solace during school, and now I volunteer at my local occasionally. It’s so rewarding, and we need libraries, so badly.

Yeah, I’m probably not going to read any more Game of Thrones books. That doesn’t mean I’m faking my love of fantasy, it just suggests that my tastes are different to yours. Which is a good thing, coz different books impact people in a myriad of ways.

So yes, this was my sorta irritated blog post about things that annoy me. I promise I’ll be back to my usual sunshine-y self in the next post!

What are your “bookish” pet peeves?

18 thoughts on ““I wish I had time to read” + other things that annoy me

  1. When I’ve moved to new cities throughout my life, I usually sign up for a new library card before I get groceries or anything else. I love libraries. I look bookshelves. I love books. I particularly love reading (as writing, as it happens) middle grade. Overall, I’d say we are on the same page.

    1. Yesss. I have serious stress if I can’t locate my library card–it’s like the knowledge of being able to get a book out is a settling thing! Yay for being on the same page!

  2. I agree with almost everything you mentioned except I don’t read much middle grade. I have a few on my shelf but I mainly read YA and adult/women’s fiction. My other pet peeve is when people talk to me when I’m reading as if that isn’t a signal that I’m busy.
    I have library cards at 2 libraries and frequent them both.

  3. It pains me when people ask about why I have so many books. I have a kindle for travelling and NetGallery, but usually I will also buy a physical copy of the book too if I enjoyed it!

    1. ME TOO! I just like the feel of a physical copy, and I also like that my bookshelves are one step away from becoming a library!

  4. I also listen to a lot of audiobooks because I have two young kids and if they see me reading a book they want me to read it to them – and usually that’s not the greatest idea. So I end up reading them a book at their level, and then I never get my own reading done. But I’ve gotten a lot of “Oh, you just listened to the audiobook. I meant what have you *actually* read.” It drives me crazy!

    1. Yes — all reading is reading! I’ve had people say things like ‘graphic novels don’t count as reading’ but, they do, they’re books and in whatever format, it’s still reading!

  5. I hate the why do you read MG thing too, I’ve even noticed some snobbery about it within the Twitter community and it drives me BANANAS. I block some people (those I don’t know/like) who say it in especially rude ways if I’m annoyed enough.
    I love my library, and use it all the time. I adore supporting it.
    Another thing drives me UP THE WALL is when people say you MUST read something, even if you know it won’t be to your tastes.
    Amy xx

  6. I relate to this so much! I’m sick of people saying to me ‘I don’t have time to read now’ and making me feel like I should either because to me it’s just like watching TV! If you have time to watch something, you have time to read, and because I sometimes prefer to read means that I have made time for it! Great post! Not moan-y at all!

    Jess xxx

  7. Ugh it annoys me SO much whenever people just say “I don’t have time to read”… that’s such an easy excuse, you can make time for everything, really, we do love reading so we make time for it, it’s as easy as that 🙂 and I SO agree with you about middle grade and young adult books, they can be just as powerful, amazing and life-changing as any other kind of book, really 🙂 x
    Great post! 🙂

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