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A gushy review: Hamilton

Many moons ago, when it was announced that the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, was coming to the UK, I was squealing-ly excited. I can’t remember when I got into Hamilton–maybe it was the buzz about it on the interwebz, maybe it was bc Lin Manuel Miranda is just so darn charming on Twitter, or maybe (and I like this reason the best) it was fate. Fate that I was to fall head-over-heels in love with a musical that is complex, LOL-funny, packs an emotional punch and is also sassy as hell.

But in reality, I probably heard about it on twitter. Then I listened to the music, non-stop, on repeat for the next six months. Then I begged my mum for the book on the musical for Christmas. Then I stalked YouTube for any and every video of a song performed on morning TV shows, outside the theatre, at awards shows.

There was just something about it, something about the story that hit me square in the chest. And then came the announcement–Hamilton West End was going to be a real life, actual, thing.

I had to get tickets. I knew it would be hard. Hamilton was the big new thing in musicals. Everybody would want to see this show. But I had a plan, and miraculously, it worked. I got tickets. Preview tickets.


Then there was obviously the whole production delayed thing. We were now seeing the show in January, instead of November. I wasn’t particularly upset–January is generally a pretty suck-y month for me, and I thought the show would cheer me up.

So, fast forward to January 26th 2018. I was feeling a little peaky (spoiler alert: I would be diagnosed with chickenpox in the coming days). But I was buzzing with excitement. Firstly, I got to see my brother for the first time since Christmas, and secondly, HAMILTON.


Obviously, my leave-it-to-the-last-minute sis had a college assignment to do, so it was a little rushy getting to London, but we recovered after a Prezzos (seriously, it fixes everything). We hopped on the tube and met up with Tom (brother) and Becca (friend) and then we were there!


Okay, here’s the actual review bit: it was bloomin’ fantastic. I won’t go into specific spoilers here, although if you’ve heard the songs you pretty much know how it goes. The production was tight and visually stunning, the story as compelling as I thought it would be, and the actors–well the actors blew me away. They hit every single note perfectly, the comic timing was brilliant, and in minutes you could go from laughing to hysterically crying. I have never ever been in a theatre where, after almost every song, the audience clapped so enthusiastically. At the interval, we all sat in silence and basked in the talent before us. I cried pretty much all of the second act–happy cried that was, because it was brilliant. It was one of those shows where you leave and your eyeballs hurt, because you were trying so desperate to capture every moment. I would see it again in a heartbeat.

And until I do, I’ll be listening to the songs on repeat, and writing like I’m running out of time.

I’ll write my way out

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