A Weasley Christmas Jumper

So, it’s February, a time of the year when I am usually still down in the dumps about Christmas being over (DARN YOU TIME). This year, I was even more so–maybe it was because Christmas was SO good this year, and January was so rubbish. Whatever the reason, I felt icky–anxious, and unable to sleep. I got a great response on my post all about Harry Potter and Anxiety, seriously, some of your lovely comments made me happy-cry, so I decided that I needed to revisit Hogwarts again, to get my mind off my troubles.

HOWEVER, I have only just finished my annual HP re-read, and when I’m anxious I find it difficult to sit still and pay attention to the movies. I’m a bit of a fidget-er, so I felt like I needed to do something with my hands, something fun and creative and HP-adjacent. That’s when I came across this video. It looked like a tonne of fun, and was relatively straight forward for someone (like me) who is notoriously bad at crafts. So, after buying the cheapest maroon colour jumper I could find on Ebay, and raiding my mum’s thread box, I got to work. I stuck on some Booktube videos, and got to work.

It only took me two hours. Once I’d got the hang of it, it was easy AND FUN. Obviously, coz it’s me the back is HORRENDOUSLY messy, but for a couple of hours I was able to zone out, kick back and get my Molly Weasley on. Here’s the finished project:


Is it weird that I like looking at this picture? It’s just–I think my smile is so natural and relaxed and that makes me so happy! The best thing about this jumper, other than the fact that it’s easy and fun, is that IT DOESN’T NEED TO LOOK PERFECT. Which is good, coz that’s kind of my personal philosophy. Anyhow, proud of my creation, I uploaded this pic on social media.

I’m SO lucky that I’ve met so many good friends on twitter. One of them, the lovely Amy, asked if I would make her a Weasley jumper (GO FOLLOW HER IMMEDIATELY). I was like “OF COURSE I WILL”. I was a little anxious–I mean, could I do this again? Would it all go wrong? Did I think I was some kind of professional embroiderer now? However, as soon as I got my needle threaded, I felt that calm feeling descend over me. I spent another evening drinking tea, embroidering (this time I was actually neater!) and watching TV. I finished it, and sent it off to Amy. When she posted this on twitter, I burst into tears:

Literally, one of the coolest things that has ever happened. I’ve never thought of myself as arty, and I’m certainly not claiming that now, but making something that made someone else happy was SO COOL. I had no chill, whatsoever.

Then, my IRL friend Ross (fav Hufflepuff) had a birthday. So I made him a jumper. Yet again, it was so much fun. I found myself looking forward to my evening of crafting (yes I know I’m a granny, with granny interests and hobbies). And then I downloaded a cute LOTR quote and started embroidering that. And I continued to have fun.

So anyhow, the point of this rather rambling blogpost is this: creative hobbies related to HP makes me happy, making things makes me happy, making things for other people make me the happiest. And finally:


giphy (10).gif

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