Outfits of the Week

Now, off the bat, I want to admit to something. The title is a lie. I need a ratio of at least one to one pyjama // actually getting dressed day to function. What can I say? I’m a writer and PhD-er–PJ’s are everything! However, this is a little collection of some of beautiful things I managed to nab in the January sales. Cue awkward posing:


Look at that fake laugh! So natural haha. This gorgeous, gorgeous top is from the fabulous folk at Collectif, and I got it in the sale. As you can probably tell, it’s wrinkled, coz nobody’s got time for ironing. It’s a beautiful, buttoned up, peplum shirt. The buttons are lovely to look at, although they are a little tricky to do up. And the skirt–it’s from Primark. I’m not normally a pencil skirt girl (I tend not to feel that comfortable with clingy skirts), but this one is comfy, and actually really flattering! I managed to get the peplum top in the sale, but at the mo it looks like it’s back to full price.


It is FREEZING in the UK at the mo, so trousers are a must. I picked up this lovely 1940s style checked ones at, ya guessed it–Collectif–in the sale. They are wide legged, and I will def need to get them hemmed, but I am in love. They’re thick, warm, and really comfy. (And guess what–they’re still in the sale!) The top is from Starlet Vintage on Amazon. It’s cheap, and really well made. Oh, and my hair was real greasy, so I shoved it in a hairband.


I’m in love with this skirt and I don’t care who knows it! It’s a lovely material–and the pattern is lovely. It’s from Hell Bunny, and I also picked this up on Amazon. The top is just a simple turtleneck from New Look, and my hair is brought to you by I-overslept-and-couldn’t-be-bothered-with-it.


My hair is an experiment with foam rollers, that went pretty well! My high waisted trousers are from Sainsbury’s, and were a bargain a few months back. The gorgeous, sailor-esque blouse is from Voodoo Vixen, and the cardigan I’ve had for years. SIDE NOTE: I wore ballet flats with no socks on this day, and it was a MISTAKE. Wear socks in January, guys.


I’ve been looking for a simple, button up black dress for-EVER, and I finally found it in the Collectif sale. This is comfy, flattering and work-appropriate. AKA, it’s perfect. It’s still avaliable in green and blue on the website–and it’s still on sale!

There you have it, a week of outfits! I hope you enjoyed this post, and aren’t too put off by my amazing modelling skills! Have a fabulous day.

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