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Wrap Up: The House Cup Reading Challenge

Remember way back when, when I said I was gonna participate in a reading challenge, and then never updated ya’ll again?


WELL, that challenge has come to an end, and I am here to tell you how dismally* I did.

*Although, actually, if you consider how hectic my life has been lately, I didn’t do TOO bad.

Here’s what I was planning to read for the main challenge (20 points were awarded for each book read:

First Year: THE WOLF WILDER by Katherine Rundell


Read this, LOVED it unconditionally. It was whimsical and magical and cemented Katherine as one of my fav authors.

Second Year: THE GUGGENHEIM MYSTERY by Robin Stevens

download (1)

This was also fab. Having read and adored Robin’s MURDER MOST UNLADYLIKE series, to see her capture so wholeheartedly Siobhan Dowd’s characters was amazing. This was clever, and tightly plotted and action packed. And set in New York, which is always a bonus.

Third Year: SCARLET AND IVY: THE LOST TWIN by Sophie Cleverly

download (2)

I also LOVED this. I have a thing for ‘twin’ stories, and the mystery surrounding this one was just so fun and engaging and mysterious. I will definitely be continuing in this series.

And that folks, is where my main challenge ended. That means that I didn’t get round to reading:

  • Fourth Year: FURTHERMORE by Tahereh Mafi
  • Fifth Year: TIME TRAVELLING WITH A HAMSTER by Ross Welford
  • Sixth Year: JOURNEY TO THE RIVER SEA by Eva Ibbotson

Buuut, all of these books are up next on my TBR. That means for the main challenge I earned a grand total of…60 points!

For the bonus challenge, each book read was worth 10 points each. I had some planned, but didn’t get round to any of them. HOWEVER, I did do SOME reading that fit into those categories:

Gryffindor: Read a book with an epic hero/heroine
download (3)
I read MOXIE Jennifer Mathieu, and it was so great and epic I CRIED. This is a great example of feminist YA done right.
Platform 9 3/4: Read a book that features travel
download (4)
I read THE MATILDA EFFECT by Ellie Irving, in which Matilda travels with her grandma across Europe to write a decades old wrong! This is a great MG book featuring a STEM-obsessed main character. It’s LOL-funny and has buckets full of charm.

So, for the bonus challenge, I earned 20 points, giving me a grand total of…80 points!


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