My name is Laura. My mum calls me Lau. My brother calls me L-Dawg (sarcastically–he’s not THAT cringy). Here are some facts about me:

  • I dye my hair far too often.
  • I stress about the little things.
  • I’m in debt to my local library (which is the best place to be in debt to, IMO).
  • I’m almost permanently cold.
  • I’ve recently discovered that rosé wine and gin are my drinks of choice.
  • Walking is generally a bit hit or miss for me.
  • I miss Edinburgh so much it makes my heart ache.
  • I love making fun of bad TV shows with my BFF.
  • My greatest wish right now is to move to my own place (C’mon fairy godmother, grant me it!).
  • I re-read the Harry Potter series once a year.
  • I’m currently drafting the second book in a series and it is HaRD!


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