One of my favourite non-writing hobbies is photography. I’m not amazing at it, but it relaxes me, it makes me happy, and whenever I’m having a cloudy day I look back at the pictures I’ve taken and I’m instantly transported back to that moment. So here are a few of my recent favs:


This was taken on a beach in Devon. I could smell the salt in the sea, hear the gentle crash of the waves and watch as the happiest dogs ever ran circles round their owners. It was beautiful, and the beach was quiet, and like the good old YA cliche, I felt as if I’d let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.


Ah, Edinburgh, you still have my heart. This was taken as we waited for Edinburgh Castle to open–we were so eager we got there early, so we went on a lil walk to kill time. I squealed when I saw this, because Scotland = thistles.


I feel like this photo belongs on tumblr with a faux arty caption. This is a photo of my little sister (blue), and my best-friend-who-is-practically-my-sister (blonde). I love them both so much and we had the best time exploring Edinburgh, and this photo makes me smile and want to immediately book a trip back.


This is Jaz. She is amazing, and gorgeous and side-splittingly hilarious and I’m so grateful for days with her because all we do is laugh and chat and gossip and eat Prezzos, and I always feel 1000% better after talking to her. Get yourself a BFF that is as good as mine.


Because I’m so cool it hurts, my parents took me to a museum for my birthday. I know, I’m a wild child. I love learning, and taking in new things and seeing items from the past. It fills up my heart. This day was awesome, and I really recommend visiting the FitzWilliam Museum if you’re ever in Cambridge.

So there you have it. Are there any moments you’ve captured recently that you’re proud of?


5 thoughts on “Moments.

  1. Oh wow, your picture and description of the beach made me realize that it’s been more than a decade since I’ve been to the ocean! And I lived on the ocean for many, many years. Great pictures.

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