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Bye, July | Wrap Up

Mike Archer (7)

Oh July, you’ve been swell.

Seriously. I began the month in a city that stole my heart, Edinburgh. I spent the days walking non-stop (thanks, knee–let’s try that again sometime), and the nights laughing and gin drinking.

Other fun things that happened this month:

  • My brother graduated. We took our standard, smiley/zoolander photos, everyone remained upright&uninjured and I downed a glass of wine at eleven. #livingmybestlife. Also, I wore a secret Harry Potter dress because I’m a nerd.


  • And finally, on Friday I attended YALC. It was amazing, I wore my book dress, and bookish people are da best.


  • I read 17 books this month. 17?!!! My utter favs were Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle, The Rose Muddle Mysteries by Imogen White, Editing Emma by Chloe Seagar and A Change is Gonna Come.


  • Other than the fun stuff I’ve already mentioned, I’ve pretty much spent most of the month chained to my laptop, writing my dissertation AND my essay on 18thC fart jokes AND doing edits on my book. It’s been hard work, but a tonne of fun. Research & writing have my heart 4 lyfe.

So, that’s been July. I’m off to Devon in a few days, so fingers crossed August will be just as brilliant!


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