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There’s not much else to say other than I have typed ‘THE END’. Here’s what that looked like:


That’s my main goal done and dusted! I also participated in Camp NaNoWriMo in April, and I LOVED the fact that you can mark hours rather than word counts–it helped me so much!

NEXT GOAL: celebrate. With chocolate & wine. (This goal I completed with ease!)

And my other goal for April was to interview people with hypermobility. I met a lovely girl over coffee, and we chatted for hours all about living with hypermobility & chronic pain–it was FAB, and I came away feeling uber inspired to write on.

I had a couple of CampNaNo hours still to feel at the end of April, so in true Laura fashion, I printed off my MS, scribbled in it for a week, and then added those notes into my draft! Then I wrote a query draft, because I was really getting ahead of myself.

Annndddd…yesterday, I sent off my MS to three lovely CP’s, and I’m going to send the end of the MS to my fab CP Shana soon. Seriously, CP’s and writer friends are worth their weight in gold.

SO, rest of May goals:

  1. READ FUN BOOKS! (including superduper fun CP books!)
  2. Re-draft query.
  3. Write the dreaded synopsis.

My May goals are kind of relaxed, as my Masters schedule is about to become HECTIC. But I am so excited to work more on this story!

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