This is me and my dog:

He’s called Stanley. He hates having his photo taken. He’s scared of water even though he’s a Labrador. If you say ‘sausages’ you’ll have his immediate attention. He LOVES kids. He never barks. CHEESE IS EVERYTHING! He once got a bin stuck round his head. Summer is his favourite season. I’m pretty sure my grandparents love him more than they love me (and I don’t blame him, he’s pretty freaking lovable!)

This is a blurry throwback of when Stan was a pup:


IS’NT HE ADORABLE? He was small enough to pick up and cuddle in one arm back then. He only peed in the house once before he was toilet trained. He never ever bit me.

He arrived when I was 13. I’d wanted a dog forever. The answer was always ‘NO’. But then I visited a friend who’s dog had just had puppies. He was the runt–the teeniest, skinniest of the pack. And as soon as I saw him, I fell completely and utterly in love. In a moment, I knew he was perfect for us. So I went home and begged if we could just go and see him. And my Dad said one crucial word: “Maybe.”*

*Which in 13 year old Laura’s book was interpreted as a firm yes. 

My parents (luckily) fell as completely in love with him as me, and just like that, after waiting years for one, I was a dog owner. It was the best. He loved our cats. He never barked. He was SO gentle. And so, he grew up.

FullSizeRender (100)

He’s still as adorable now. When I’m ill, he sits by my side. He kisses my hands on walks. If I’m sad, he knows. He’s an excellent foot warmer in the winter. He’s been by my side through everything.

We went through a time when Stanley pretty much lived at the vets. He has epilepsy, and when he fits it’s scary and horrible. The medication makes him a little doze-y, and one of the side effects is he’s constantly hungry. But he’s here, and I’m sososo grateful for that.

As I’m writing this, he’s sleeping in the sunshine, hopefully dreaming about long walks and sausages, and I’m thinking about how much this little fluffball has brought to my life in the last (nearly) ten years. I can’t imagine life without him. He truly is the best. 

FullSizeRender (99)

7 thoughts on “My BFF.

  1. Stanley is absolutely amazing! Was in love from the first paragraph, and a great sweet story on how you and him came to be together… Then you mentioned his epilepsy and wow, my girlfriend has it too so I know how scary it can be, but he’s a strong and happy dog and that’s awesome! Great post, really resonated with me and I could feel the love!

  2. Such a lovely post! I have a cat who knows when I’m having an anxiety attack and just sits silently right up against my leg purring. Normally he’s crawling all over me and meowing but when I’m in the middle of an attack, he is calm and calming. Pets are amazing!

    1. YES! Stan does the exact same thing with me when I’m having a panic attack! I love it when pets have that natural instinct! 🙂

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