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March 2017 | Wrap Up

Mike Archer (5)

This month was a whirlwind of dissertation prep. I have a teetering tower of history books on the side that I need to get through ASAP, but I still managed to make time for fun reading as well.


The first book I read this month was England’s Queens: The Biography by Elizabeth Norton. I enjoyed this book–it’s  a great directory of all of the Queen consorts & regents of England. I knew little to nothing about the early Queens, so I found the first couple of chapters really interesting. Obviously, being a book that covers so many historical time periods, there wasn’t much depth at points, but it definitely made me want to research some particular women more thoroughly.

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Then I read The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge. THIS. WAS. FABULOUS. Gorgeous writing, and I loved the themes of feminism throughout. The mystery was unravelled beautifully, and the concept of the lie tree was so original, and so brilliantly done. I couldn’t put this down. Definitely reading more of Frances Hardinge’s books ASAP.


Then I happened upon Suffrajitsu: Mrs Pankhurst’s Amazons by Tony Wolf, which is a completely a-historical graphic novel centred on the Suffragettes. My dissertation is on women’s suffrage, and so I jumped at the chance to read this book. It was really fun, but it did divulge from history a lot, and I think it would have been more interesting to look at what really happened. (Because some Suffragettes DID take self-defence lessons!).


My classic of the month was The Clocks by Agatha Christie. Although I love every Christie book I read, again Poirot wasn’t actually in this book much, and I LOVE Poirot! However, the mystery was, as per usual, great and intriguing!


Up next I read The Bubble Boy by Stewart Foster. This is a lovely MG set in the UK, about a boy who lives on his own in a hospital ward because of a immune deficiency disorder. I really enjoyed how character driven this story was, and I adored the relationships explored, particularly between Joe and his sister, his best friend and his new nurse, Amir. Also–get tissues for this book, you’ll need them!


Finally, I read Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. This was so fab, and I loved the focus on friendship. I was in the mood for a great YA fantasy, and this was the perfect antidote! The worldbuilding was so rich and vibrant, the plot thrilling and I’m head over heels in love with our two heroines!

So in March, I read 1 graphic novel, I classic, 1 non-fiction, 2 MG and 1 YA. I’m disappointed though that I didn’t read anything diverse this month–next month I’m going to focus on reading more!

What did you read in March?

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