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This post is a little late this month, because I have been spending all of my spare time writing. I started it New Years Day. In January, I wrote half a book. In February, I stalled slightly. I was really happy with everything I’d written so far, but I couldn’t quite work out the ending.

I needed some time away from the story, to think about where I was going with it. Thinking, for me, is an integral part of my story process, and so I thought. I figured stuff out.

And then I got an email. It was a pretty exciting one, (I squealed). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but critique partners are worth their weight in gold. This lovely lady emailed me, asking if I was searching for a CP. Her MS sounded FAB, and so of course I jumped at the chance. And we exchanged a few pages. And then some more.

Sometimes you just need someone else to say ‘hey, I like this.’ Her comments and thoughts have been so spot on, and have completely and utterly inspired me to dig in, to revise my beginning (yeah, I know, I’m breaking ALL the rules!).

But it’s really helped. That’s why this post is entitled ‘Draft 1.5’. Because I’m stuck between the two. My ending isn’t quite written, but it’s getting there, and my beginning is sort of shiny now!

So over the last month, I’ve thought a lot, CP’d a tonne & revised a little. And all that, in combination, has hit my writers block on the head.

So here are my writing goals for the next month.

  • Finish a complete draft.
  • Celebrate finishing a complete draft!
  • Research & interview people with hypermobility. Even though this book is #OwnVoices, I want to make sure that my representation is right–that I unpack able-ism and stereotypes.

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