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REVIEW: Beetle Queen by M. G. Leonard

Release date: 6th April 2017

Cruel beetle fashionista, Lucretia Cutter, is at large with her yellow ladybird spies.

img_6113-1When Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt discover further evidence of her evil, they’re determined to stop her. But the three friends are in trouble. Darkus’ dad has forbidden them to investigate any further – and disgusting crooks Humphrey and Pickering are out of prison. Hope rests on Novak, Lucretia’s daughter and a Hollywood actress, but the beetle diva is always one scuttle ahead …

My thoughts: 

  • After reading BEETLE BOY last year, (check out my fan-girly review here!), I was VERY excited to read the sequel, and BEETLE QUEEN did not disappoint.
  • This was a rollicking read, fast paced and exciting yet character driven and poignant and insightful at times.
  • It was also very interesting–I loved all the beetle facts, and paused reading to google a few more a couple of times.
  • I really enjoyed the relationship between Darkus and his dad–it was full of love but complex and frustrating, and as such, felt realistic. I also adored the close bond between the three kids (Virginia is my fav!!), and I loved that we got a glimpse of their families. Uncle Max was, just like in BEETLE BOY, a very cool uncle.
  • However, the friendships that shined the most throughout BEETLE QUEEN was the human-beetle kind. It was heartwarming and just downright lovely to see how close Darkus, Virginia, Betrolt and Novak had become with their beetles. I ‘ahhed’ multiple times!
  • The mystery of what Lucretia Cutter planned to do next was deftly handled, tightly plotted and expertly unravelled by our protagonists. Second books are often occupied with setting up plot points for the grand finale, and whilst BEETLE QUEEN did this, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of what was happening in this book.
  • I really loved Novak’s journey through this book. She’s such a nice kid, in a very perilous position, and her bravery and love for Hepburn really shined through.
  • Humphrey and Pickering are back!!! I LOVED their chapters–they’re such a bumbling, LOL-funny pair and I really enjoyed their hijinks in this book.
  • Lucretia Cutter is the villainess to end all villainesses. She is as cold as ice, extremely clever, and every time she was on the page my stomach crawled. Basically, she is a fantastic antagonist, and I loved the insights we got from her in BEETLE QUEEN.
  • In conclusion, there are two things I didn’t like about this book. One, that it wasn’t longer, and two, that the sequel isn’t out yet. That’s it. BEETLE QUEEN is everything kidlit should be–wildly imaginative, great characters, a interesting twisty-turny plot and packed full of charm. I get asked to recommend books to kids quite a lot, and without fail, I mention this series–it’s that good. If you are a kid, or like me, a sort-of-adult fan of kidlit, you NEED to read this series. 
My reaction after finishing this awesome book!

* I received an ARC of BEETLE QUEEN in exchange for an honest review.


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