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Stage 2: Draft 1 | Writing


In January, I wrote half a book.

Which is a pretty big achievement, for me. I’m normally a slow, messy drafter, but this book just seems to be pouring out of me. I have a sort of plan RE how it’s all going to end (but that could change, at any time.) It’s a first draft after all. But it is coming along. There are LOADS of spelling mistakes, and comments saying ‘CHANGE THIS,’ or ‘FIX LATER.’ Characters are inconsistent and sometimes disappear midway through chapters. I think my middle section needs to be a lot longer, but I’ll fix that in draft 2, or draft 3.


But words are on the page. The plot is sketched. My little yellow notebook is slowly but surely filling up–with notes and comments and ideas. This story is caught in my heart, inked into my veins, and hopefully that love is clear on the page.

I am planning (fingers crossed), to be done with draft 1 by the end of February. Then I’ll take a little breather and dive back into draft 2.

To see the first stage in my book journey, click here.


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