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So, I’m writing a book. 

It’s not a book at the moment, it’s just a jumble of words on a page. But one day, it’s going to be a book. I really enjoy reading about other people’s writing process–what they do that’s the same/different from me, so I thought I’d journal my writing process. I’ve never done it before, and I thought it would be interesting to see what my feelings are at each stage, from the idea-to-manuscript process.

I’ve had this idea, let’s call it Supergirl, Dislocated, since the summer. I was midway through writing an article on why authors should write a book with a disabled, and more specifically hypermobile* MC, when the lightbulb went off:

I should probably write that book.

*To find out more about hypermobility, and my hypermobility click here.

For me, an idea needs to rest first. I do a lot of thinking, and in-head plotting and planning, before I turn on my laptop or put pen to paper. I need to cook up an idea for a good couple of months before any writing begins. Also, with this idea I was pretty scared. I’ve never had a MC this close to home before, never had to tap into my own past trauma for writing.

The idea needed a kick up the bum, and this Christmas, I got one. I planned the first half of the novel, and began drafting December 31st 2016. By January 5th I had 10,000 words. BTW, these words are not good words. Do not think these are words I would show to ANYBODY. It’s just my way of writing–I tend to draft in short, fast bursts and I write extremely messily. Once I have the words down, the basic plot skeleton of a draft 1, I can fix it.

But this time, I’m doing it a little differently.

I’ve only plotted half of the book. I have zero idea what comes next. 

Normally this would panic me. But this time I’m going to pause draft 1 at the midway point, then break the one writing rule I hear time and again–I’m going to revise the first half of an unfinished MS.

It might go really well, or it might be a complete disaster. Either way, I’ll keep you updated.

How do you write?

Stanley modelling my Supergirl, Dislocated notebook. I write everything–notes, ideas, draft chapters, plot twists–down in here. Also, isn’t he super cute?

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