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5 Writing Youtubers You Should Be Watching!


1 // Ginger Reads Lainey 


Lainey’s videos are super informative and encouraging, and she has some great writing tip videos. I also LOVE her monthly writing vlogs–they are simultaneously completely relatable and inspirational, and I always seem to want to write after watching one.

2 // Kim Chance 

Kim has detailed videos on story craft (her how to write a villain one is a recent favourite!), grammar (which I am HOPELESS at) and dealing with rejection and querying. When I’m having a specific issue with my MS, Kim’s channel is a must watch!

3 // Meghan Jashinsky

I’ve been watching Meghan for AGESS, and she recently found an agent (Yay Meghan). I LOVE Meghan’s quarterly goal videos, her open and honest revision videos and recently, her how I got my agent video (if it doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!).

4 // Claribel Ortega 

Claribel is pretty much my favourite person on twitter. Her threads are always on point, and I have learnt sososo much from her (thank you Claribel!). So when I found out she had a YouTube channel, I had to watch. And it’s just as awesome. If you are interested in reading and writing diversely (which you should be) Claribel’s channel is a must watch. And if you’re interested in solid writing and publishing advice, it’s also a must watch. Basically, it’s a must watch either way!

5 // The Wordnerds 

The Wordnerds are a group of YA writers who talk all about reading and writing . The great thing with this group channel is that videos are very frequent and there is a whole variety of topics covered. Their channel archive is a serious resource for any writer out there–I’ve used it so many times whilst writing, and when I was querying it was a goldmine. I love this channel because it’s fun and engaging to watch, the Wordnerds themselves seem absolutely awesome and there are so many great videos on story and writing craft!

Do you have any favourite writing youtubers? 

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