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Festive reads | The books I got for Christmas

Christmas has come & gone once again, the presents are unwrapped & the turkey eaten. Every year (because I’m predictably boring), I ask for books, and every year my lovely family obliges. This year (apart from an absolutely amazing dressing gown), I received a couple of lovely reads, and here they are:


This is probably the book I was most excited about receiving. Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter. This book chronicles the inside journey of how Hamilton came to be a Broadway smash hit and I started, and finished it, in one setting on Christmas Day. It charts the story from conception to opening night, and it’s absolutely fascinating. I am a Hamilton superfan (well as much as any person who has never seen the show can be)–I listen to the soundtrack on repeat and when the show comes to the UK, I am first in line to get tickets. But even if you’re not a huge fan, this book is just infinitely interesting. There’s just so much love poured into the creation and presentation of this book. It’s beautiful, and beautifully written. It’s clear that Jeremy McCarter is uber knowledgable, and also extremely passionate about his subject. My favourite part is definitely Lin’s annotated lyrics of the songs (Harry Potter & Parks&Recs fans will LOVE the shoutouts), and I have to say, this is definitely one for creatives. I’m not very musically inclined, but as a writer, this book was chock full of inspiration.


I ended Christmas Day with a Lush bath bomb & Tolkien, and it was perfect. My sister got me this, and it was the ideal, short festive read. (I KNOW, I READ 2 BOOKS ON CHRISTMAS, I PROMISE I ALSO SOCIALISED). Letters from Father Christmas is a collection of letters that Santa sent J. R. R. Tolkien’s children, over the course of about twenty years. What I loved about this book was the photos of the actual letters printed opposite the text of the letters–the amount of effort Tolkien put into the calligraphy and artwork of the letters are heartwarming and astounding. This very personal piece of art also showcases Tolkien’s imagination–the stories from the North Pole are built on year on year. It must have been SO exciting to receive these letters. I also love the The Hobbit reference!! This was a brilliant way to end Christmas Day.


In 2017, I want to read more mystery books, so my brother gave me this wonderful collection of Agatha Christie books. I think I’ve only read one Christie (Murder on the Orient Express), and I’ve been meaning to read more for ages. I’m going to start with The Murder on the Links, a Poirot mystery, and work my way through the rest in 2017.

So those are the books I got for Christmas this year. I hope you had a lovely holiday season, and I wish you an amazing start to 2017.

Every year we take Stanley (AKA, the best dog ever), on a festive walk. Here’s us on this years stroll!

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