Did I meet my 2016 goals?

Remember way back when, in December 2015? I set myself some goals that I wanted to achieve in the upcoming year. Today I’m going to go back and evaluate how well I’ve done goal wise this year!

Goal #1:

1// Be Brave.

This isn’t a goal that involves jumping out of an plane or any other heart-thumping, scary activity, but instead it means that I aim to keep putting myself out there. In 2015, I joined a writer’s group, met my AMAZING online CP’s and entered contests — things that I never, ever would have done a year or two ago. In 2016, I want to continue that way. I want to query, however scary that sometimes is. I want to meet more writers, online, or in real life. I want to write freely, without fear!

How did I do?:

I vividly remember writing this goal and wanting it to be a goal that I could control. I knew that I couldn’t control certain things–like finding an agent, so instead I focused on things I could control, like querying.

But GUESS WHAT past me?? You landed an agent (the awesome Vanessa Eccles). You also quit your job, went back to uni and wrote a MS or 2 that you LOVE!

2016 was a pretty scary year, but I feel like, for the most part, I was brave. I took risks, both in life and in writing, and that felt pretty good.

Goal #2:

2// Be Kind to Myself.

This is something I only really started doing in 2015. Being kind to yourself is such an underrated necessity and something that is SO beneficial. In 2016 I want to continue listening to what my body and brain NEEDS –whether that might be a night off from writing, or a good book, or a bubble bath.

How did I do?:

This is another pretty vague goal, but a very important one in my opinion. Self-care is SO SO important, and this year I’ve really prioritised it. I don’t think I (or anyone for that matter) completely masters self care, but this year I was better at being king to myself. This is definitely an ongoing goal, that I’ll continue forward into 2017

Goal #3:

3// Exercise and Enjoy.

This is a funny one, because exercise and I have had a odd sort of relationship in the past. I either over do it and pull something, or I don’t exercise for months. That kind of changed last year, when I had a massive injury that meant I couldn’t walk, let alone exercise. I realised how much I missed it, and how much I relied on simply going for a walk for some stress relief. Now I can exercise again, I am over the moon. I am really into Yoga, and boxing and bike riding! So in 2016, I want to enjoy exercise.

How did I do?:

I haven’t really talked about this on the internet much, but this year I really focused on exercise and eating right, and I lost two stone! This has been great for me physically, mentally and creatively, so I’d say this goal is achieved!

Goal #4:

4// DRIVE.

Okay, this one is pretty specific, but seriously, I turn 23 in 2016, so I need to get a move on and pass my test before my baby sister turns 17. I am really enjoying learning to drive though, and am taking things slowly, so hopefully, sometime in the next year I will be let loose on the roads.

How did I do?:

It’s funny how much something changes in a year. This time a year ago, I was learning to drive a manual. However, after a lot of pain and difficulty, I realised that with my hypermobility, driving a manual just wasn’t realistic. Instead I switched to automatic, and brought a car:


Meet Betsy!

And then, I had my test. And guess what? I PASSED. Here’s me a second afterwards:


I’m pretty pleased with my goals this year! Now I just need to think of some new ones. What are your 2017 goals? Let me know in the comment section. 

One thought on “Did I meet my 2016 goals?

  1. Great progress!! 🎉 Congrats!

    Some of my goals…
    actually start querying
    finish another MS
    get healthy
    write short stories to submit to children’s magazines, investigate more options like that
    possibly get copy editing certification

    Have a wonderful 2017!

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