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Favourite Halloween movies


For a girl who doesn’t like scary things, I’m a HUGE fan of Halloween. I love carving pumpkins, and trick and treaters knocking on my door. I even love dressing up. But I hate scary–especially scary movies. Unless it’s kid scary. Then I love it with all my heart and watch it again and again. So, as All Hallows Eve is on its way, I thought I’d do a round up of my favourite films to watch at this time of year:

1. Hocus Pocus


Hocus Pocus is SO MUCH FUN. The three witches are the best, hate-to-love villains, and there’s a talking cat (which always makes a film a win in my eyes) and hijinks a plenty. Bette Midler steals pretty much every scene she’s in and there is a fabulous rendition of ‘I put a spell on you’.

2. The Nightmare before Christmas


If I had to pick a favourite Halloween film, this would be it. And actually, I watch TNBC from September to January, because it’s kind of a Christmas film too. This is filled with seriously catchy songs, a gruesome (but lovable) cast of townsfolk and the misidentification of Santa!

3. Monsters Inc.


Okay, so technically this isn’t a Halloween film, but it’s got monsters so I’m counting it. Monsters Inc. is such a clever, heartwarming and exciting film about friendship, and fear. Also, is Boo not the most adorable kid??

4. The Addams Family


Wednesday Addams was/is still one of my favourite characters ever, and this film captures her, and the rest of her wacky family, beautifully. It’s funny, charming and exciting–a celebration of the weird and wonderful.

5. Frankenweenie


Frankenweenie holds a special place in my heart, because it’s a homage to my favourite historical hero, Mary Shelley, and as I’m currently writing my own Mary Shelley Fangirl project it’s an interesting take on the classic story. Watching a black and white film is a little jarring at first, but once you get past that it’s a gorgeous film, and the references to other monster movies are beautifully done!

So those are my favourite Halloween movies. What’s yours?

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