10 more things.


1// I have an unhealthy obsession with quirky tea cups.

2// The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite Yuletide/Halloween movie.

3// Rainy days are my fav.

4// In autumn, I wear red lipstick pretty much every day.

5// I’m starting a masters in Historical Research in a few weeks, and I. AM. SO. EXCITED!

6// I’m going to say 3 words: Peach Iced Tea.

7// One of my 2016 goals is to use my camera more. I dug it out of my cupboard the other day, so this goal is ON!.

8// I have a pressing need to finish my re-watch of Gilmore Girls before the revival is released.

9// This summer I did Yoga once a week, and it’s made my Hypermobility so much better. I definitely recommend Yoga with Adriene if you’re curious in starting Yoga.

10//  Being creative, whether that by through writing, art, acting or photography, is what makes me my happiest.

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