FicFest: #TeamTahiti Reveal

Participating in #FicFest has been an absolute pleasure — I’ve absolutely loved reading your submissions, scrolling through the feed on Twitter everyday and getting to know some of you lovely writers. The middle grade submissions were of such a high quality (seriously, SO MUCH TALENT), and choosing one to mentor was SO so difficult.

So before I officially reveal Team Tahiti, I just want to say WELL DONE, to everyone that entered — contests are amazing, and just because you weren’t picked for this one, doesn’t reflect badly on your MS or writing ability. I entered SO many contests when I was querying, and was picked for just one. Keep going, keep writing and keep in contact with the friends you made in #FicFest.


Without further ado, here are the mentees of Team Tahiti:

Mentor: Neal Chase

Author name: Joe McCourt

Book title: Tim Willow and the Scourge of Anemos Green


Mentor: Candice Marley Conner

Author name: Erica Waters

Book title: Into the Silent Sea


Mentor: Laura Noakes

Author name: Devon Sillett

Book title: Paige Reeder and the Escaped Story Villain


Alternate: Daisy Kincaid and the Time Travel Shoppe by Deborah Rose Warren


YAY! I am so excited to work on these awesome stories! Make sure to check out Tiffany’s blog for a master list of all the FicFest mentees!

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