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25 things before 25.

The past few years have been pretty milestone heavy. First I turned 18 – I was finally an adult. Then at 19 I started Uni. This is gonna come as a big surprise, but at 20 I was in my twenties. 21 was big because of the whole 21st birthday thing. 22 was AMAZING because I’ve sung that Taylor Swift song for the whole year. And now I’m nearly 23.

For some reason 23 sounds old. Like ‘grown up’ old. I remember hating turning twenty because I could no longer blame my mistakes on being a teenager, but I at 23 I feel really adult. Like I should be in a high powered, suit wearing job, getting married, and buying my own house.

So instead of striving for all those sensible things, I decided to write a list. I love lists, and this one is particularly good, because it’s a list of goals that I want to accomplish before I turn the big 2-5, halfway to fifty, 1/4 to 100.


  1. Move out of home! This one is a major goal, because if in two years I’m still living with my dad I may cry. I want to have my own little place somewhere.
  2. Pass my driving test. I know I know, at 23 I really should be driving already, but because of my hypermobility, it’s been a real struggle to learn. Also I know nothing about cars – zilch! But I have an awesome driving instructor so *fingers crossed* this goal will be ticked off very soon.
  3. Do everything that I can to further my writing career. I want to be an author when I grow up, and I want to do everything I can to make sure I achieve that dream. But I also know that a lot of stuff to do with publishing isn’t in my control. I want to ignore that and focus on things I can control, like my writing and my attitude.
  4. Write bravely. Putting things out there is scary – especially when it’s personal. But it’s those personal and scary pieces of writing that I want to do more of. FullSizeRender(17)
  5. See my friends more often. I am a bit of a pain about this. When I have time off from my day job, all I want to do is write. But what is the point in writing if I’m not experiencing life to the fullest? I want to go to coffee more, or have cinema dates, or movie days or five hour phone calls with the people I love best.
  6. Get 8 hours of sleep so I don’t look like a barely functioning zombie most mornings.
  7. Re-read more books.
  8. Do things that aren’t writing, but are still creative. I want to get better at crocheting and sewing (because I’m secretly a granny!).
  9. Go to a gig. Because of my knee, and my hypermobility, I haven’t been to a gig in years. In fact, the last time I saw music live with V Fest in 2014.FullSizeRender(16)
  10. Go to a literary festival. Listen to authors talking. Meet bookish people/ writers IRL! Enter writing competitions. Get more involved in this awesome community.
  11. Raise money for a hypermobility charity. This is SO important to me.
  12. Go to the zoo!
  13. Get a tattoo. 😉
  14. Go for a weekend away with my BFF’s.
  15. Go on holiday without my parents. It’s actually pretty tragic that I still haven’t done this at 23.
  16. Blog more, and blog honestly. Write about things I want to write about, not things I think I should write about..
  17. Exercise regularly, and enjoy it!
  18. Put ‘me’ first. Practice self-care and body positivity. Have a duvet day if I need one.
  19. Learn. Watch interesting documentaries. Read more non-fiction. Explore museuems and art galleries.
  20. Meet more people! Get involved in fun projects. Do more am-dram. Help out.
  21. See more theatre. Go to the West End. Watch local performances. 11846538_10153573952434697_3563379426904626770_n
  22. Learn a new skill – like how to play guitar or something.
  23. Be organized. I don’t want to hoard useless bits of junk that are either broken or not what I want to do (apart from books – HOARD ALL THE BOOKS!)
  24. Take more photos and don’t delete them off my phone. Keep a document my life.
  25. Be happy with how I am. Don’t go on a crazy diet to loose weight or hate my skin or my eyes or my tummy. Accept me as me, a permanent work in progress.

So, that’s my 25 before 25 list. Some of these things are definitely achievable, and some not so much. But it will be funny when I see this blog post pop up on my timehop in two years time – I wonder where, and who I’ll be.

Do you guys do these kind of lists? What things do you want to achieve before your next birthday/milstone?

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