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Winter reads // 2015-2016

Winter is nearly over, although here in England we haven’t actually had that much wintry weather (cue snow storms and ice cold winds now that I’ve said that). So, as it’s nearly Spring, here are all the books I’ve read this Winter:


Harry Potter 1-7 by J. K Rowling // This is a tradition – I always re-read the HP books every year around Christmas time, mainly because Hogwarts at Christmas seems even MORE magical then usual. These books are brilliant and life changing and a part of me, and I love them oh so much.

The Reluctant Yogi by Carla Mckay // I got this book because of the title – I feel like I am a reluctant yogi! It was fun to read and informative and quick, but not the most riveting book.

Judy Garland: a biography by Anne Edwards // I read this on New Years Eve, at a party. Yep, I’m that kind of person! This was SO interesting – I love reading about other people’s lives, and I didn’t know much about Judy, so I was completely sucked it. It was well written, but I think it skimmed through some of the more salacious aspects of her life.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert // Another really interesting book on writing. I haven’t read any other writing books and this really inspired me to read more! I thought it was SO interesting, having an insight into another writers creative process. However, I didn’t always agree with all her points.

Winter by Marissa Meyer // Isn’t it nice when a series is concluded in a satisfactory way?? Winter was that book. The ends were nicely tied up, but not in a way that felt too perfect. And the book itself was action packed and romantic and well written!

Thief of Lies by Brenda Drake // I really enjoyed this one! Check out my review here.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott // This was my first book for the #2016ClassicsChallenge! I really liked it – Jo is AMAZING.

Murder Most Unladylike, Arsenic for Tea and First Class Murder by Robin Stevens // Jolly Foul Play comes out in March so I HAD to re-read this series. A series review is here.

The Mystery of Princess Louise by Lucinda Hawksley // I find the children of Queen Victoria endlessly fascinating for some reason, and this book was so interesting and well written. Princess Louise lived up till the 1940’s, and saw so many societal and technological changes in her lifetime!

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin // THIS BOOK. It’s rare that a concept matches the writing, but in WOLF BY WOLF it did. The writing was beautiful and haunting, the plot unique and compelling and the character interesting and well developed. Reading this left me in awe.

Fortune Falls by Jenny Goebel // Another book with a great concept. This was a quick and fun read with a great message that didn’t come across as overly preachy. My only criticism is that I wanted it to be longer.

The Churchills: in Love and War by Mary S. Lovell // Another re-read. Again, I find Winston Churchill a fascinating historical figure, and his family are just as intriguing. Mary Lovell is one of my favourite biographers, she really peels back the layers of rumour and truth in a great way. A well researched, easily readable book.

Princess Alice: Countess of Althone by Theo Aronson // I wasn’t a massive fan of this book – I thought it glossed over some unfavorable parts of Alice’s life. It was still interesting and compelling to read, but just didn’t have the depth I wanted.

The Scandalous Lady W by Hallie Rubenhold // A really interesting case study of how Criminal Conversation laws were prosecuted and the aftermath. Although it was well researched, at certain points the level of research undermined the readability of the book.

Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix // A regency book with magic! Basically it’s my ideal book. A quick, fun read that is entertaining and page turning.

So, those are the books I read this Winter. It’s always really interesting to go back and see what I was craving – I am really into biographies at the moment, and that definitely shows.

Hopefully they’ll be a LOT of reviews happening soon on thus blog, because I am very excited about lots of upcoming books, so stay tuned!  HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS 🙂

One thought on “Winter reads // 2015-2016

  1. I am glad you wrote this post! I have been looking for new books to read and ‘The Mystery of Princess Louise [Lucinda Hawksley]’has caught my eye. I love reading (and watching documentaries) about the Royal family and changes in society

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