Bullet Journals.


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Organised is not a word people generally use to describe me. I am scatty, and forgetful and a mess. Consequently. I am one of those people who is constantly writing to-do lists on scrap bits of paper, mainly because if I don’t I’ll forget EVERYTHING. So when I hear of bullet journaling, I was immediately interested. At the start of July, after pinning loads of bullet journal boards on Pinterest, I took the plunge and started one.

And I love it. Not only is it a handful tracker of what jobs you’ve got left to do, but it’s great at seeing how much you’ve progressed. Also, I now no longer lose the lists I’ve written. My bullet journal is a simple notebook I got from a local shop for a fiver. On page one I wrote a simple key (just to remind myself), with symbols for important things (*) and events and appointments and so on.


Then on each page I put the date, and all the tasks/events/appointments I have to do that day. If I complete them, I colour in the symbol, or put a dash through it if I no longer have to do it, or put an arrow through it if I’m moving that task to another day (this happens a lot for exercise!).


Not only do I record things like working, exercising and chores, but I also put scribble down ideas for projects, stuff I need to research and WIP goals and progress. This is such a handy way of recording everything, and also not forgetting tasks! I also love to write down inspiring quotes to keep me going! Bullet journaling is about as organised as I get, but it’s really helped me calm down a bit and keep up on everything!

Do you keep a journal? How do you keep organised?

3 thoughts on “Bullet Journals.

  1. I am tempted to start a bullet journal now! I’d like to think I am quite organised, I keep a diary and I put down appointments and whatnot in my phone, but I am always looking for new, different ways to keep organised. A bullet journal sounds great because of the fact that you use different symbols to document, not just plainly write it down

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