Listening to: The Brave Soundtrack

Line love: “Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.” – Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

Things have been busy lately. Busy in a good way – in an overwhelmingly exciting way actually! Firstly, I am now a graduate – I have been awarded a first class honours Law degree. But more importantly, I was awarded this ABSOLUTELY amazing card by my best friend:

11742948_10153537517059697_5768104900108800581_nYES, that is a Gandalf themed graduation card and YES my friends are the best. Other than that I’ve been querying, which is  simultaneously terrifying and exciting. I’ve also entered a few contests, the latest being #NewAgent, hosted by the fabulous Michelle, and to my surprise I was picked to be on #TeamMG by the wonderful Wade! I then spent the rest of the day dnacing round and round my house and annoying my family no end because I was so excited.

The thing I LOVE about these contests is how supportive and kind everybody is! The writing community is SO amazing, and no matter how I do in the actual contest itself, I always seem to come out with 2 things: (1) loads of helpful of advice and (2) new friends! So, in summary, contests = AMAZINGNESS.

I’ve also been trying to take down my TBR (and *cough* also secretly adding to it *cough*). I love reading in the summer – grabbing a big glass of something cold (or something warm depending on how summer-y England is feeling), sitting in the sunshine (or drizzle) and diving into a good book. At the moment I’m reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and I am LOVING it! I feel like I haven’t read YA fantasy in so long, and this book is making me want to re-read all of my favourites.

IMG_6140Other then reading, I’ve been spending time with family and friends, making memories and laughing lots. I’ve also been trying to work on this pesky WIP – is it just me or are first drafts harder on the second book??!! I’ve got lots of exciting things lined up soon. Along with a lovely group of bloggers, I’m participating in a fundraising event in October to raise money for the charity ReadWell (you can find the Facebook event here). But before all that I’m off to Cornwall for a week of reading and fun!

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer – what are you up to?

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