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I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ 22


A. K. A the song I will be singing incessantly for the next 365 days. Tomorrow I turn 22, and I’m really excited because I am a child who LOVES birthdays (and cake. But mainly birthdays.)

I’m sorry I’ve been a little quiet recently, in 2 weeks I will be free to blog again! Uni will be over forever and for a little while at least I’ll have some time off.

I’ve been thinking about birthdays recently, and how on most birthdays I look forward to the year to come. To the things I will do, the people I will meet, the fun I will have. But this birthday, I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve decided to look back.

Because nearly 365 days ago, I made myself a promise. I told myself that I was going to write a book, come what may, even if it was rubbish and awful and scary, I was going to write it.

And now, 365 days later, I’ve written that book. It’s nowhere near perfect, it’s riddled with grammatical errors and still needs work, but I did it. I kept my promise and I wrote something. And that’s a pretty big achievement. So this year I’m going to bask in the achievements of the past, and look forward to the future with a smile.

FullSizeRender(11)What about you? What have you achieved this year?

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