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Sorry this is so late, I am currently revising like a maniac for my exams so blog posts are going to be a bit sporadic over the next month. But after that is summer so YAY.

March was a bit of a crazy month. I had the final of a competition I’d competed in, coursework due in, and two consecutive weekends in London. It was busy, but great. However, I have now gone into full on Hermione Granger revision mode, and by that I mean that I’m being the most unsociable person right about now & I keep talking to myself about various law cases!

I did read quite a few books in March, and I talked about them in this video:


That is it for this little wrap-up post, I am sorry it is so short but I promise that as soon as I am free from exam hell, I will be back blogging with a vengeance.

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