Wreck This Journal #1


As my lecturer helpfully pointed out a few days ago, I have under 70 days left until my exams. Normally in exam/revision periods I go a bit Hermione-Granger-level-crazy and cut almost everything apart from revision out of my life.

I don’t see my friends, I read less books, I hardly ever write. Basically I have no creative outlet whatsoever. Unfortunately, this ban on creativity almost always ends badly. I’m moody, prone to very ugly crying & generally a miserable human being. I need to do something creative during exam times.

This is where Wreck This Journal comes in. About a month ago I stumbled across a few YouTube videos where people show and tell their completed Wreck This Journal. Wreck This Journal is essentially a scrapbook with a instruction (that is easily interpreted in whichever way you choose) of what to do on that page. I decided that I NEEDED a Wreck This Journal.

And I have to say, it’s worked. I still have something fun and creative to do, but I don’t do it for hours everyday and I don’t need to devote a huge amount of thinking and planning towards it. It is the perfect creative outlet and it is SO satisfying to finish a page.

So I thought I would show you the pages that I have done so far:


This page was a TONNE of fun to do. I basically just got a glue stick and found random stuff to glue in. The only issue with this page is that it’s kind of bulky and so hard to shut the journal properly now!




On this page I had to trace my hands (which was actually really hard to do!) and then I coloured them in afterwards!




I don’t seriously think there is a person on this world who doesn’t like to doodle! It’s SO much fun to do (and also colour!).




Do you think I’ve got writing on my mind? I am SO motivated right now with my writing and It’s so frustrating to stop whilst I do my exams but do this page really helped me – as soon as I finish my exams all I’ve got to do is WRITE!




For this page I was really inspired by a similar one I found on Pinterest. I thought it was beautiful, whimsical & I adore Peter Pan and that marvelous quote!

So that is how far I have got with my Wreck This Journal! I really recommend getting one if you are in the same position as me – It has helped SO much!

Do you have a Wreck This Journal? What do you do for a creative outlet when you have exams?

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