Living in the moment.

I know everybody says this every single month, but hasn’t January gone so fast? I can’t believe we’re nearing February! I feel guilty saying this, but I’m kind of glad January’s nearly over with, mainly because I have had SO much going on and I feel like I’ve worn myself thin already.

One of my goals this year was living in the moment. It’s such a simple thing to try and do, and at the same time infinity complicated. I have wished hours, days, weeks away because I was excited about something or wanted to get something over with. Is that really a way to live? Shouldn’t I try and appreciate each and every day – even if it’s stressful or boring or bad?

My best friends mum said something that really struck me recently. It was a quote she heard:

“People with depression are living in the past & people with anxiety are living in the future.”

As a VERY anxious person this really affected me. I do live in the future most of the time. I worry about deadlines, student debt, whether I will ever become what I want to become, whether I will ever fall in love on and on and on the worries go.

And really, if you think about it, those things don’t really matter. I can’t change or cement the future (no matter how hard my perfectionist self tries). All I can do is work hard, be the best person I can be now.

And so over half-way through January, I am going to try and re-affirm my commitment to living in the now, and strive to continue doing just that.

ANYHOW, now on to what I was originally planning to post until a spurt of bloggers inspiration hit me. A kind of what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks updates.

  • Working very hard at Uni. I’ve had coursework, a moot (which is kind of like a legal argument), a oral assessment & finally I have one more piece of coursework due in on Monday and then I have a bit of a break. Second year is HARD. Third year is going to be even HARDER.
  • I have seen two films recently, both of which are BRILLIANT & completely different to each other. The first was Frozen which was loosely based on my favourite fairy tale The Snow Queen. I adored Frozen – it was the epitome of a great Disney movie, I loved the focus on the sister relationship & I haven’t stopped singing the songs since. The second was The Railway Man which was heart wrenching and hard to watch and some points but so so good. I definitely recommend both.
  • I am also nearing the end of my first draft of my WIP MG fantasy project that I’ve been working on for a while. My plan is too finish my awful first draft very soon & then re-draft this summer after my exams are all out of the way!
  • Speaking of stories, I feel the rumblings of a new one in my stomach. It’s not fully formed yet, but as always it involves magic and whimsy & I think it will be set in Edwardian London.
  • I think I am doing okay on my reading goals for this year – I accidentally started reading Harry Potter on January 1st and once you start you can’t stop! I am LOVING Graceling & Mansfield Park for entirely different reasons. I’m struggling with The First Phone Call from Heaven – the premise is interesting but at 100 pages in I’m bored! The BFG is just as magical as I remembered. After I get this Coursework out of the way I will be able to read more!
  • I am binge re-watching 30 Rock at the moment and it’s even better then before. I am basically Liz Lemon.
  • Finally, I managed to snag a bargain on Ebay and get myself a new camera, so I may venture back out into the world of You Tube for Book Reviews & Memes!




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