Bout of Books Wrap Up Post

Can you believe that Bout of Books is over already? I can’t – it’s gone so fast but I have had so much fun doing it! It was the perfect way to get back into blogging for the new year & I am pretty pleased with my overall reading this week.

Sundays Roundup

 Number of books read today: 0

 Total number of books read: 1

 Number of pages read: 132

 Total number of pages read 1131

Time spent listening to audiobooks: 0

My Goals

  • Get halfway through my audiobook of Mansfield Park. – I am nearly 2 hours into Mansfield Park and I have 3 hours 20 mins to go! I am pretty pleased with that, I am really enjoying Mansfield so far. 
  • Finish my re-read of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – DONE. I am so pleased with this goal – OOTP is a hefty book and I managed to read it in a week! Whoop. 
  • Get 150 pages into Graceling – I didn’t quite make this goal – I’m 129 pages into Graceling but I am loving it so far.
  • Get 200 pages into The First Phone Call from Heaven – I was 100 pages in when Bout of Books started, and I am still 100 pages in now that it’s finished. I just wasn’t feeling it and so didn’t pick it up at all over the challenge week.
  • Start my re-read of The BFG – I am nearly 40 pages into The BFG and it is just as amazing as when I read it as a kid.

Overall I am really pleased with my progress for this Bout of Books. I met quite a few of my goals. I cannot wait to do the next Bout of Books where I don’t have to juggle reading with uni work. Congrats to everyone who took part in Bout of Books 9.0 and well done for reading!

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