Writing habits and My WIP Playlist!

One of my absolute favourite things to do when I am bored (AKA when I am procrastinating) is read about other writers habits when it comes to writing. I have no clue why, it just makes me feel better that everybody has different techniques and ways to get that book done!

I love that some people write 10 pages, or 500 words, on a laptop in a busy cafe, or on a notepad in dead silence. I love that some people write listening to rain sounds, or blast their favourite tunes!

For the record, I was TOTALLY one of those tapping away on my laptop in complete silence kind of writers for the longest time, until something happened that changed my writing habits.

It started when I found myself in a complete writing rut. One of those God awful I-am-never-going-to-finish-this writing ruts. I felt like doing this:


My silent laptop technique just wasn’t working anymore. So I tried writing longhand. It didn’t work. I went to the local coffee shop. That didn’t work. And then finally, I tried putting sounds into my routine.

First I tried rain sounds. This helped a bit, I got some work done and I liked the constant noise. But there was something missing – there just wasn’t enough feeling there.

So from there I turned to music. Not the music I listen to when I’m running. Or the music that I dance to with my friends. I turned to soundtracks.

Now I have always been a sucker for a good soundtrack. In my opinion it can make or break a movie and I just love how each song sums up a moment in that movie, or gives a character an identity or just makes you feel something. So, onw day, whilst procrastinating, I made a playlist for my MG fantasy. So here it is so far:

The Theme from Edward Scissorhands

Now, admittedly, I haven’t actually seen Edward Scissorhands (but I NEED to pronto!). I just love this song and I think it perfectly describes my main character situation at the beginning of her story – slightly melancholy, slightly ominous and slightly hopeful and sprinkled with mystery and magic!

Pans Labyrinth Lullaby

I ADORE Pans Labyrinth – It’s so hauntingly beautiful. This song is more sad then the first one, and yet there is still a slither of hope, albeit mixed with danger.

Alice in Wonderland – Proposal/Down the Hole

This is a different mood entirely. I really enjoyed Tim Burton’s interpretation of Alice and I love this song. The accidental discovery of a new world really speaks to me!

Clara’s Theme

Ahhh Doctor Who. Whilst I didn’t quite enjoy the latest series as much, I still love the show. Clara’s theme perfectly captures the curious, inquisitiveness of my MC .

Oz: the Great and Powerful – Bad Witch

This track is pretty jarring. There is definitely an element of creepiness and evil intent involved and this pretty much sums up my antagonist!

So that is my writing playlist so far and It has helped SO SO much.


Always an excuse to use that GIF! aha. So that is it for this post! What are your favourite writing habits? Do yours change over time? And do you prefer to write in silence or listen to music? Let me know below!



4 thoughts on “Writing habits and My WIP Playlist!

  1. Yes my writing habits change ALL THE TIME. To be honest i dont even know if i can say “writing habits” its more like “writing phases” lol. Great post 🙂


    1. aha thank you! Yup its taken me WAY too long to realise that change is sometimes good! aha – glad I finally did realise! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. I love this! I’m totally right there with you. Soundtracks ARE the best. They help build the emotions during writing sessions. At least for me. :0 And you. 🙂

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