Getting rejected.

Getting rejected sucks. Whether it be by a boy/girl you like, a job, your debit card – ANYTHING. It’s horrible. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

So why am I talking about rejection today? Because I recently got rejected. It was a bad one, and it made me feel so rubbish and all I wanted to do was put my pyjamas on, crawl back into bed, eat a gigantic chocolate bar and never leave the house again.

I am, unfortunately, one of those people who have a very rigid comfort zone. I know where I feel comfortable, and where I do not feel comfortable and where I go and what I do depends on that level of comfort. For example, I HATE clubbing. I hate the music and the noise and the fact that I have to wear heels and I very rarely venture out to a club.  To put it in book terms, I’m like Bilbo at the beginning of The Hobbit – perfectly happy with his life as it is and no desire to go off on an adventure.

Except this year it changed. Quite unexpectedly and with no conscious choice I began to do things that were WAY out of my comfort zone. And although it was scary and uncomfortable at times, for the most part I loved it. Every thing I came up against, every little hiccup along the way, I got past it. And with every time I got past an issue, a little inkling of confidence sprang up inside of me until at the end of last term I began to feel like I could conquer anything I set my mind too.

And then the rejection came.

And all that confidence, all that pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone disappeared in a flash of self pity, anger and feeling like the smallest person alive. I began to question everything:

Was I really good at anything?

Was I on the right track?

Had I made a humungous mistake?

I could almost feel my comfort zone getting smaller and smaller around me. I could feel myself want to give up, to retreat back to bed. I felt defeated. I felt like crying. I felt like giving up.

And then a little spark of something rose up in me. Was I really going to let one person make me feel like this? Was I going prove that rejection right? The best thing, no the only thing I could do was to prove them wrong. I wasn’t going to lay in bed and cry.

So yes – Getting rejected sucks. It really hurts. It happens to everyone. I’ve worked so hard this year at putting myself out there, getting more involved and getting out of my comfort zone – there HAD to come a time where I would stumble. Now I almost feel as if the rejection was a challenge, another stepping stone that I had to pass to get where I’m going in life. It’s definitely something I’ll learn from, but I’m not going to linger on it. I’m going to move on, bigger and better then that rejection.

SO, what are your ways to deal with rejection? What’s the worst rejection you’ve ever had?



3 thoughts on “Getting rejected.

  1. I probably dealt with it the same as you. It’s never easy being told no, especially when you put something so personal out there to be judged. I think you’ve done exactly what needs to happen though…you’ve learned and risen above it. That is the only way anyone gets anywhere. Continue to fight and go for your dreams!

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