Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we do a bookish top ten and this week its the top ten bookish turn-offs.

  1. I am really not a fan of the whole villain is main characters long lost father/relative AKA the ‘Luke, I am your father’ plot device. Mainly because it feels really implausible – what are the chances? Seriously. And also because it feels really overdone and not that surprising anymore.
  2. Surprise possible incest plots – yes TMI I am looking at you. I really enjoyed The Mortal Instruments series by Cassie Clare but the whole (SPOILER) are Jace and Clary related kind of freaked me out!
  3. The chosen one plots. I love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson but the whole there is only one person in the entire world who can solve this problem and that person is you thing is getting unpredictable and very implausible. Especially when the saviour is a teenager.
  4. Orphans. A common plot device to get rid of parents so that the kid main character can get up to all sorts of trouble without having to worry about mum and dad. So many classic children’s books features orphans (HP, James and the Giant Peach) but again, its become quite stale.
  5. I usually hate Love Triangles. This is because there is normally a clear front runner in the triangle and the other one is there to cause some drama. However, I recently read Shadow & Bone and Siege & Storm by Leigh Bardugo and LOVED the love triangle in the books. When done well love triangles can be really good. But done badly and they’re usually really annoying.
  6. A fantasy world that is not well explained or developed. I’m the type of reader that loves delving into worlds – I love the detail that Tolkien and Rowling went into to create Middle Earth & Hogwarts. It made the story seem real. And when worlds aren’t developed well enough, or their are unexplained gaps then I’m just not as submerged in the book as I should be.
  7. Instalove – the main couple fall instantly in love and know, instinctively, that they are meant to be together forever even though they have never talked, argued or lived together. This is a turn off mainly because its not realistic at all.
  8. This is mainly a YA romance turn off. The main character is usually an innocent, pure virginal girl, whilst her rival is bad, mean and sleeps around. Because good and bad can definitely be determined on whether or not you’re a virgin. Grrr.
  9. Girl falls in love with boy who turns out to be a vampire/werewolf/ insert any supernatural creature here. This is again one of those stereotypes that when done well is really fun to read. However, again this device is overused.
  10. Main characters always seem to be white, straight, skinny and have perfect skin and hair. Diversity in books, especially YA and MG books is a serious problem.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks top ten. What are your turn-offs in books? Do you agree/disagree with mine?

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