As you may have noticed I have recently made a few changes to my blog. I have changed the URL to lauranoakesbooks and the blog ‘title’ is now simply Laura Noakes. This doesn’t mean I will stop talking about books (I will NEVER stop talking about books) but I want to start writing about other things that I love also.

I also figured out how to do GIF’s (Its taken me SO long – I am such a technophobe!).

I’ve being in a blogging rut recently, and it’s because I’d made all these stupid rules for myself (No Laura, you have a book blog you can’t possibly write about that!). So today I threw out my make believe rule book and gave my blog a makeover and gave myself the motivation to blog more and create better content and be a better blogger all round.

So thank you for reading this little update post, and stay tuned for lots of fun bloggy posts in the future. And to end this little update post I will leave you with another GIF…


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