Top Ten Tuesday: top ten things that make our life as bloggers easier/better


Its time for Top Ten Tuesday again, and this week its the top ten things that make our life as bloggers easier!

  1. Goodreads – hands down my favourite website. It makes finding books so easy and accessible, is great for writing reviews and seeing what other people think and the yearly book challenge is just amazing.
  2. Twitter – I love communicating with my favourite book bloggers, authors and fellow book lovers! Again, its great for keeping up with bookish news and finding new books.
  3. Tumblr –  SO MANY PRETTY PICTURES. That’s basically what I do on tumblr, reblog pictures and I am OBSESSED!
  4. Instagram – taking pictures of books and cats and food is basically what I do
  5. My Ipad/ Kindle app – although my heart will forever be with the paperback, my ipad has made it so easy to read on the go.
  6. Author blogs – I love seeing what my favourite authors are doing, and I can be sure that their blogs have up to date info on books, writing and book tours.
  7. Online book stores – Don’t get me wrong I love going to book stores, but there is something so exciting about getting books in the post – and there are always recommendations of more books as well!
  8. Netgalley – great for getting ARC’s of books!
  9. What should I read next? – Great website – you type in a book you’ve read and it brings up suggestions of what you should read next!
  10. WordPress – I absolutely LOVE blogging at wordpress. It looks great, is easy to use and it makes blogging a dream!


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