Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Best/Worst Book to Movie Adaptations



  1. The Hunger Games – SO good. Action packed, mostly true to the book and really well acted – I am really looking forward to the second film!
  2. The Harry Potter Movies – I really enjoyed the HP films. Although there were some differences from the books, I think the movies really stayed true to the heart of the books!
  3. The Hobbit – LOVED this adaptation! I thought the detail and the direction were perfect, and Martin Freeman just stole the show as Bilbo!
  4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Even though Emma Watson’s accent was slightly dodgy at some points, I thought this movie was such a great compliment to the book!
  5. Alice in Wonderland – my FAVOURITE film when I was a kid! I loved it (the Disney version) but I also really enjoyed Tim Burton’s take on the classic


  1. Eragon –  I remember being so excited for this movie and it was such a let down. Not true to the book, and too much of a Harry Potter copy.
  2. The Golden Compass – see above. This adaptation could have being SO good, but in reality its a bit blah
  3. Prince Caspian – I also didn’t enjoy the changes in the second Narnia adaptation and the action felt slightly forced
  4. Stardust – I loved the book, but the movie felt a bit clumpy and long at times.
  5. The Lightening Thief (Percy Jackson) – I LOVE the Percy Jackson series, and although I thought the movie wasn’t awful, I again, didn’t like the changes they made to the original material! Hopefully The Sea of Monsters will be better!

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Best/Worst Book to Movie Adaptations

  1. Wow, I totally forgot about Alice in Wonderland! I love the Disney film but the Tim Burton one is also good. 🙂

  2. Interesting, I have Stardust as one of my favourite adaptations! Also, I haven’t seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower yet…I loved the book so much that I guess I’m a bit nervous about seeing the film in case it doesn’t measure up! Here’s my TTT if you get a chance!

  3. LOL – we have a lot of the same movies on our lists, but in the opposite categories! How could I have forgot Eragon – gah! That movie was terrible. 🙂

  4. Definitively agree with practically all of your list! I was soooo bummed about the Percy Jackson film but hopefully the second one will be better.

    I’ve never read Stardust but I did enjoy the film quite a lot- should I give it a go then??

  5. My favorite comment from an author about the film adaptation of his book is from Roald Dahl. He hated Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka so much that he mandated a sequel of “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” *never* be made. And this is the best part. He said Wilder’s performance was “pretentious and bouncy.” I think that’s such a hilarious, perfect, insulting thing to say about someone!

    But I did still love the movie 😉

  6. I totally agree on Prince Caspian! It wasn’t my favourite of the Narnia books, but it was still good and had great potential, but like you say, it was blah.
    I like your choice of Alice in Wonderland. It wasn’t on my list, but it was very good!

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