Book Discussion: nasty comments on reviews

nasty comments

I think one of the best things about the book blogging community is that nobody has got the same tastes in books, we are all different, all have different pet hates and loves and that is reflected in the books we adore or don’t enjoy so much.

The trigger for this blog post was the responses to some reviews on Goodreads. Almost every book has got at least one negative review, and on some of those reviews are comments from people who obviously love the book in question, and aren’t very happy about the negative review. In fact, there are a lot of responses to reviews that are downright rude, offensive and mean-spirited.

Now, there are many books that I LOVE that other bloggers simply don’t like. And that’s fine. In fact I think its great. I actually really enjoy reading reviews that are different to my opinions on that book. Even if I don’t agree with the points they make (and often I don’t) they are and should be allowed to express their opinion. A negative review on a book I love is not offensive to me and it doesn’t diminish the enjoyment I had from that book. In fact I am embarrassed when I see horrible, unqualified criticism that isn’t even about defending the book but attacking the reviewer in question. Yes, it is absolutely ok to disagree with a review on a book but expressing that disagreement in a polite way is a must. There is no need for horrid personal remarks to be made about reviewers and bloggers simply because they didn’t like a book you loved.

I must clarify here that I am not talking about comments which simply disagree with some points made in the review, I am talking about nasty, often aggressive comments that seek to upset the reviewer.

The whole purpose, I think, of Goodreads and the book blogging community as a whole is to discuss and review books in a respectful manner and to respect those reviews. The book blogging community is such a great one to be apart of, and it is only a few who seek to harass others for their opinions on books. As I said, the thing that I love about the book blogging community is the fact that there is so many different opinions. I think that this means that being respectful of others opinions is so important and means that we can all blog/review in peace. Nasty, bullying comments are never acceptable.

10 thoughts on “Book Discussion: nasty comments on reviews

  1. You are right on every point here! I do agree that it’s definitely okay to dislike a book, and to express that dislike, even to someone who has liked the book. But it’s not fun for anyone to verbally attack people for their personal view of something.
    I like agreeing with people’s views on books but the discussions you can have when your views differ are far more interesting.
    Great post and very well worded!

  2. I really agree with you, There is never an excuse for bullying I have even noticed a lot of authors that bully the reviewer on goodreads. If I don’t like a book I hate leaving bad reviews, but I always try to point out some positives about the book in question. I also encourage others to try for themselves because everyone is different. I even have family members that think I am odd for some things I like. I love reading reviews but in the end it comes down to your opinion that matters the most.

    1. Exactly! Everyone is different and has different tastes, but being respectful of others opinions is so important! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. I love that you posted about this! 🙂 I love hearing everyone’s opinions about a book, even if they differ from mine, and they can be really helpful in looking for what to read next! But you’re right, I hear about too many other bloggers (and lately, authors) leaving mean remarks about another blogger, and that’s upsetting. We’re all here because we love books and want to talk about them, but bullying a reviewer is out of hand. Great post! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  4. I have not seen nasty comments, that being said I absolutely agree. freedom of speech is not freedom to be rude or agressive. I have left comments on blog posts I disagree with in complete respect and ended up forging nice friendships with people of an absolute diferent mindset than my own.

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