Top Ten Tuesday: the top ten most frustrating characters ever!

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we are listing the top ten characters that really frustrate us!!

  1. Bella Swan from Twilight – I bet this one is going to end up on a lot of top tens today! All the way through Twilight I found myself wanting to scream at her to do something!!
  2. Susan Penvensie from The Chronicles of Narnia – I am more frustrated with what happened to Susan then Susan herself – she wasn’t allowed back to Narnia because she grew up!! Not Fair, C. S Lewis
  3. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter – Ron is one of my favourite characters in HP but his little strop in Deathly Hallows really annoyed me! Pull yourself together Ron, you’ve got some horcruxes to find!
  4. Clary from The Mortal Instruments – I really enjoyed this series, and I am way excited for the movie later this year but sometimes, and only sometimes I feel Clary suffers from an illness that main characters sometimes get called everythingshouldrevolvearoundmeitis.
  5. Marisa Coulter from His Dark Materials – No maternal instinct whatsoever and able and willing to drug and hurt her own daughter! Very annoying,
  6. Artemis Fowl – A child genius, his knowledge of everything is unparalleled. Except with feelings! Tell Holly you love her Arty!
  7. Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and The Olympians – It pains me to put him on this list but again he suffers from an illness. Its called meandonlymecansavetheworlditis.
  8. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games – Katniss, you’ve got to save the world, overthrow a dictator and save thousands of people. THE BOYS CAN WAIT!!
  9. Sirius Black from Harry Potter – Why oh why, J. K Rowling did you kill him off when he’d only just begun to form a relationship with Harry. I cry every time I read the chapter where he meets his untimely end!
  10. This isn’t a character, but more of a thing that is very popular in YA fantasy at the moment, love triangles. Very overdone, very annoying (I am team pick one) and very hard to write well!!

Laura 🙂

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: the top ten most frustrating characters ever!

  1. I’ve seen Katniss on a lot of lists today! While reading the series, I really had my fingers crossed that she didn’t end up with either Peeta OR Gale (as the romance struck me as the most unbelievable parts of those books). Oh well! Totally agree with you about Susan, too!

    Thanks for sharing your choices! You can find my TTT over at bookwanderer .

  2. Totally agree with the love triangle thing, it just frustrates me rather than make me interested in the story and they always ruin what is usually a prefect relationship

    1. And they seems to be in EVERY young adult book at the moment!! It really seems like the author has run out of ideas and has just chucked one in there on the off chance that some reviewer will call it the next twilight!!

  3. Excellent choices! Ron Weasley is one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter, but I have to agree he was completely frustrating in book 7! And I have to agree with Percy Jackson — that wasn’t one of my most favorite series, and I think this might be exactly the reason why!

    1. Thank you!! I’m a fan of Percy Jackson, but every fantasy book I read where the main character is the only one that can save the world, defeat the bad guy and get the girl just seems so unrealistic. Especially when that characters a teenager!! xxx

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