Top Ten Tuesday!

This weeks top ten is the top ten settings we want see more of which is such a cool idea for a topic!! Here we go!


  1. London. I am so lucky that I live only a short train journey away from this city because it is a spectacular place to visit. Its steeped in history and culture and is completely uniquely British in every way. My particular favourite place to go is Covent Garden and I would definitely recommend it to anyone planning to visit London. I read so many books set in the USA which I love and desperately want to go to someday, but to read more books set in London would be so cool!
  2. Space. The only book(s) that I have read that have been set in outer space are The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and they are some of the funniest books out there. I would love to see more space settings, it would be so amazing to get a taste of what its like up there!
  3. Portal Fantasy World. I know there are tonnes of these out there, but I love a good portal fantasy world that is constructed beautifully. I feel like I have read all the classic ones (Narnia, Alice etc.) so would love recommendations for new ones to sink my teeth into!
  4. Thailand. Always wanted to visit, would love to go via book!
  5. Sleepy Villages where nothing ever happens. I love books about boring places where something exciting happens! Anything making the mundane magical is great with me!
  6. The Wild West. I am so intrigued by the Wild West – I would LOVE to read a book set there.
  7. Underground. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an entire novel set underground?
  8. The Amazon. I read and loved Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson when I was younger!!
  9. New York. I am slightly obsessed with New York and would love more books to be set there!
  10. Greece. Home of Gods and Myths. Nuff said.


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. I live in London, and read far too many books based in my home city, that’s why it was one the settings cut from my list. But, you can never read too many books set in London, can you?
    I love a couple of the other ideas on your list too, New York.. Underground… Sleepy Villages.

  2. I’ve been to London a few times and really enjoyed Covent Garden. Hopefully I can get back there again one of these years! At least we have books set there πŸ™‚ Thailand sounds like a great book setting as well- and Underground, how cool!
    Great ideas!

  3. I’m going to agree here on both London and Greece. I absolutely adore London, but fairly honest on the top of my head I can’t think of many books that take place there that I read recently (aside from The Madness Underneath) and Greece yes, especially if it involves a lot of Greek myths!

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