Writing Wednesday #2: ideas!

Hi Guys, Its time for the second of my weekly instalments of Writing Wednesday, this time actually on a Wednesday! This one is all about ideas, and where to get ideas from! Basically one of the most important aspects of writing – whether you’re writing an epic novel or a short story! So here goes…

  1. Dreams – I am constantly having really weird, random dreams that are great for setting off story ideas! I think dreaming is the imagination when not restrained by consciousness and that freedom can produce some great ideas for a story. One of the short stories I wrote ages ago was actually a dream that I had – it was about a girl running through a forest, been chased by someone that was invisible, but she could hear their every move!
  2. Myths/Folklore – Mythology is another great place for some inspiration. Greek and Roman mythology are well known, but a quick internet search and you will find hundreds of mythology’s from all over the world. They are so rich in detail, and whether it be a plot twist, a character name or trait or even the gods and goddesses themselves, myths are a great place to finds ideas. Local Folklore is also very interesting! I live in England and there are so many fairy tales that I’ve read that I had never heard of before!
  3. History/Religion – I am such a history geek that I absolutely love researching history when I’m writing! But, looking back in time is a useful tool for ideas! Its the same with religion – seeing how peoples beliefs have changed in the last 100 years is fascinating! It might give you an idea for a story set in a particular time period, or maybe one with a religious theme.
  4. Living – There is no better way for ideas to pop into your head then living life! if you’re stuck in your room all the time with the curtains drawn and your laptop on you are never going to get a really good idea. So go out with your friends, have a good time, fall in love, get your heart broken and then write! You’ll get ideas from your own life!
  5. Reading Books – This is the one universal rule of writing that I see again and again! In order to learn your trade as a writer, you’ve got to read. Now, I am not saying nicking ideas from your favourite books is a good idea, but study the way your favourite authors write. How do they write? When in the day do they write? What tips do they have on ideas? Again, they will inspire your ideas, so you can develop them into the best story you can write!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this second edition of Writing Wednesday! Where do you guys get your best writing ideas from?


5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday #2: ideas!

  1. A large portion of what I write is based on dreams that I’ve had and I’m actually writing a book about dreams. I also get inspiration by thinking about things that I’d like to do and how I’d react in situations.

  2. Some ideas come so randomly to mind that I’m wondering where I got them from in the first place, but I do love searching in mythology for inspiration, especially names from the greek mythology. I don’t know why but variants to those names always sound so wonderful (as I write mostly fantasy)

    1. Me too – they are always so beautiful and unique and I love the meanings behind them! – I write mainly fantasy too, so I love using mythological names in my stories

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