The Rory Gilmore Book Club: The Opposite of Fate by Amy Tan Mini Review

So, I decided to join  The Rory Gilmore Book Club on Goodreads about a month ago, and the book for September was Amy Tan’s, The Opposite of Fate. Summary is from Goodreads:

‘Amy Tan has touched millions of readers with haunting and sympathetic novels of cultural complexity and profound empathy. With the same spirit and humor that characterize her acclaimed novels, she now shares her insight into her own life and how she escaped the curses of her past to make a future of her own. She takes us on a journey from her childhood of tragedy and comedy to the present day and her arrival as one of the world?s best-loved novelists. Whether recalling arguments with her mother in suburban California or introducing us to the ghosts that inhabit her computer, The Opposite of Fate offers vivid portraits of choices, attitudes, charms, and luck in action?a refreshing antidote to the world-weariness and uncertainties we all face today.’

Now I have never read one of Amy Tan’s books, nor even heard of her as an author, but I found this book an interesting, complex and inspiring read. Amy has the power to draw you in with her writing, to make you feel like an old friend even when she covered some controversal and normally taboo topics in honest, frank ways. I came out of this book wanting to read her fiction books desperately and reading this re-affirmed my belief that biographys and autobiographys/memoirs are such a valuable reading tool, even if you haven’t heard of the person you’re reading about. I think that reading about other peoples experiences and life really opens my mind and more memoirs are going to be going on my TBR list soon!

Thank you for reading my mini review and I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Laura 🙂

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