This blog is called Books, Writing, Tea. I post a tonne about books on here, quite a lot about me drinking an inordinate amount of tea whilst reading, but not too much about writing. The thing is though, I love writing. I love it. It relaxes me when I am stressed, excites me when I’m bored and its just one of those things that I am so passionate about. I cannot imagine not writing.  So I’d thought I would do a little post about my writing, and my writing goals.

  • At the moment I am working on a little middle grade fantasy. I started a project last november for NaNoWriMo, and its kind of evolved into where I’m at now. I’m in about the 6th or 7th reincarnation of my project, but I feel I’m in the third draft.
  • I have other ideas in the pipeline, but I’m a one project girl so I want to get my little MG up and running before I start on the next one.
  • Im 15,000 words into the re-draft, and I think its going to be 50,000 words long!
  • I want to redraft up to 30,000 words by christmas.
  • There are times that I want to give up, pull my hair out, delete everything and start again, but something keeps me going.
  • I drink WAY too much tea when I’m writing.
  • I have awful grammer, and I am rubbish at spelling.
  • Reading gets me really exciting for all the writing I’m going to be doing.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little writing post! I am always looking for new writing tips, so if you’ve got any leave them in the comments!!

Laura 🙂

2 thoughts on “Writing…

  1. Hi Laura,
    Good luck with your story – I’m sure you can do it! My big tip would be: turn OFF your phone, turn OFF your internet connection and set an alarm for how long you want to work for (my attention span is usually about 45-60 mins) and DON’T GET UP until that alarm goes off. Hope that helps! 🙂

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